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So I just got my weekly Publisac (wooohooo, 3 days before the new specials kick in as opposed to one or two days after they start) and there was an ad, I think in the Metro flyer for a "Moist vanilla cake". It's also a Dufflet cake. What shocked me was the sticker price. $17.99. I've bought Dufflet cakes once after Lesley C. mentioned them in the Gazoo last year, was not overly impressed (they were of the frozen variety). But my questions are, if it's frozen (although the ad doesn't state that) how do you charge nearly $20? If it's fresh, how fresh is it really? I just don't get paying $20 for a grocery store type cake. Am I missing something (and no, it's not size of a car wheel- it seems like regulation size 9 in. layer cake)

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  1. If it's retailing for $18, Toronto-based Dufflet gets around $9 and out of that, they have to ship frozen to Montreal. Packaging can be close to a buck, too.