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Jun 22, 2009 12:14 PM

hosting dinner for 8. Suggestions?

Hi Hounds,
I'm visiting from NYC next month, and I'm taking a group of 8 folks to dinner. It's a conference, so we'll be in the Hilton all day. I'd prefer to keep the tab around $75 per person. Ideally, the restaurant would be either a good walk or an easy cab ride from the hotel. Where would you recommend?

If it helps to give some context, the places the group has liked in NYC include Little Owl, Market Table, Hearth, and Blue Hill.


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  1. Since there are now at least two Hiltons in SF, it would help if you identified which one. Since you are eight, you might consider a table at an upscale Chinese restaurant.

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    1. re: OldTimer

      We'll be at the one on O'Farrell.

    2. Cortez might work. Close and good. Has changed a lot from its original (very) small-plates incarnation.

      1. Chez Papa Mint Plaza is not that far away--off 5th between Market and Mission Streets.

        1. $75/p for food? or after tax, tip, and drinks? Big diffeence. Blue Hill and Hearth no way you walked out at 75/p after all was said and done. But I could give you restaurants in those price ranges that are similar in quality.

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          1. re: whiner

            I wasn't factoring wine into the $75/p. I'd love some suggestions that are similar in quality to Blue Hill/Hearth/Little Owl. Thanks!

            1. re: norton

              Ame and Boulevard are both, imo, *at least* as good as Blue Hill and Hearth (I haven't been to Little Owl) -- same basic price, too. Bot have stars in the Michelin Guide.



              Both restaurants are walkable, but neither is right there. (Probably 15 min walk to Ame, 20 to Boulevard -- so maybe walk there and 4 minute cab ride back).