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Jun 22, 2009 11:51 AM

Fat Hen Market, Vergennes, Vt.

Drove by the other day and it looked closed. Have they moved elsewhere? They had some great meat and other items that were difficult to this area.

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  1. Yes Fat Hen fell victim to the economic downturn (they had been experiencing solid growth until this past fall). I know there is talk of reopening the store as a coop, though, with the same people involved.

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    1. re: stroshow3

      Thanks for your reply. I hope they reopen. A coop would be a good thing.

    2. From their recent email:

      The Fat Hen will be selling the remaining food inventory from our location on Rt 7 (next to the Starry Night Cafe) for the next 2 weeks. Everything is 30-50% off!

      We will be open from 10:00 am until 5 pm each day except Sundays starting June 12th.

      We have a building full of great food stuff so can you forward this message to everyone on your email list.

      I hope to see lots of folks come and take advantage of this special food from the Fat Hen.

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      1. re: Raedia

        Oh, Rats. I was just up in that area today. Unfortunately it is over an hour away and we only go once a week. Will check it out next week though and see if anything is left.
        Thanks for the info. .

        1. re: sharhamm

          Definitely a shame - I really wanted them to succeed. As far as I know, the community investors never got their money back.

          For natural foods items, meat, fish, etc. Mountain Greens in Bristol and the co-op in Middlebury are good substitutes that are still pretty close by.

          1. re: Raedia

            This may be a repeat but I didn't see the post come up and decided to post again and add to it.
            Love the co-op in Middlebury. Great produce and cheeses. Bristol is a little farther for us and once we hit Addison we usually turn North.
            Burlington is where I do the majority of my shopping. I always go to the oriental market to pick up lemongrass and kiffur lime leaves and all the small things that you can't get over here. We love ethnic foods and usually hit the Vietnamese restaurants for lunch.