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Jun 22, 2009 11:44 AM

Blue Hill - Main Dining Room or Garden Patio?

I know it's a preference issue, but any experiences with either would be appreciated.


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  1. I was under the impression that Blue Hill's patio was reserved for private events.

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    1. re: Mazzer

      Me too. I've never been offered the option to sit in the garden room. Then again I'm not sure I've ever eaten there before 10 pm.

      1. re: shane

        My understanding was that you could 'request' it - of course, if there's a private event, they'd move you and your group to the main dining room. Hmm. Maybe I'm wrong? I'm just not sure if we'd prefer it compared to the main dining room.

        1. re: drummergirl

          I've eaten at the patio in the summer - but it was two years ago so maybe things have changed since then...

          I actually think I preferred the main dining room to the patio - the patio is pleasant, but I feel like you sort of get more of the "Blue Hill" experience in the main dining room. And if you aren't sure about weather, cold/hot/ I always go for inside - plus summer is primo mosquito season!

          I just think for a pricey meal, I don't want any distractions, hehe

          1. re: YummyInTheCity

            Thanks so much for the suggestion - that's what I was edging toward as well; I'll make sure to confirm.

    2. I just sat in the garden room last night. No worries about humidity or insects because it is enclosed but with a partial glass roof so you get a little bit of daylight if you are there on the earlier side, as we were at 7. You also walk through the kitchen so if you're into peering in that might be fun. I do prefer the main room though just because there are more servers walking around and you do get attended to more swiftly, but that's not a major quibble because service is still great in the garden.