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Jun 22, 2009 11:42 AM

Great Food in Santa Barbara

Hey Chowhounds:

Would someone recommend a really terrific restaurant with a view, good wines MODERATE prices and light on the dairy products?

My Husband and I are doing the old 101 - rekindle - your- marriage trip and SB is the last stop.

Thanks for your thoughts in advance,


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  1. Olio e Limone fits your bill.

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Stella Mares at the SB Bird Refuge is a lovely setting and meets the rest of your criteria. Gentle views from the Greenhouse room, not spectacular ones.

        Here is a link and you can find its website for more info, their photos and wine list:

        Be sure to try the Ventura Limoncello - superb, fresh, real lemon flavor. This makes a wonderful souvenir and gift.

        1. Whenever we are in Santa Barbara, we always make a stop for lunch at Pane e Vino on East Valley Road. There's no view, some expensive wines and some dishes use dairy...but we've been going there since 1988 and love it. It's tucked away in a horseshoe-shaped shopping mall hidden behind some heavy vines and colorful geraniums that cover the front patio. My very first dish there was the Capellini al Pomodoro and it was fresh, al dente, garlicky with strips of basil and the tomatoes were skinned. No bitterness, no dairy. The Antipasto Assortito is perfect because it is small and has a little bit of everything...grilled eggplant, marinated artichokes and small onions, breadsticks wrapped in various, thinly-sliced italian meats and bruschetta. Have a small glass of chianti or splurge on a bottle of brunello...but either way, try this place out. It's not for everybody, but I like the snooty italian waiters, the sweet quietness of the location and the sublime Affogato at the end.

          1. The Four Seasons Biltmore has the view, the food and the service - plus it is a very memorable fun experience. If you drive a bit further South to Carpinteria, try Sly's - top notch place, great food, great chocolate dessert, fun atmosphere but not much of a view.