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Jun 22, 2009 11:40 AM

If you could have one meal in Paris, Where would you go?

We are honeymooning in Paris (whooo-hooo) and can't afford to eat like royalty the entire time. We can budget for one meal of $400.00-$450.00. Where would you go to experience the best that Paris has to offer for this price point?

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  1. Is it budget for two? If so I guess that is 160e pp. At that price you have access to the royalty experience at Le Cinq or La Grande Cascade, provided it's the lunch menu. I would tell them my budget and let them handle it from there.

    Of course for that budget you can also go (almost) unlimited on more bistrot places like Joséphine. You can dine at Ramsay's véranda in Versailles or l'Angle du Faubourg. You can experience Senderens.

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    1. re: souphie

      Lunch at Pre catelan (16e) - the most beautiful interior among 3-stars in Paris (in my opinion) and excellent meal.

      1. re: makotot

        I'd try Guy Savoy's 100 Euro lunch menu. they only do one table at that price, but its virtually the same as the grander menu's and they do half portions.

        only bookable by the website, and mention you want that deal.

        make sure you lunch at Racine. superb ingredient based bistro/wine bar.

    2. You could actually spend your budget on two fabulous splurge lunches... Guy Savoy and Le Meurice are market-fresh seasonal menus served in gorgeous settings.

      1. Thanks for all of your recommendations. Are there any places you would recommend on a budget?

        We are staying at, 10 rue Auguste Barbier 75011 PARIS. Are there any good places close by that you can recommend?

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          I thought Souphie gave several "budget" recommendations. or are you looking for more?

          If I were going for one great meal, I'd go to lunch at Le Cinq. I've never been, but from all I've heard, it's the best deal in Paris.

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            Yes. Savoy and Arpège would be other options but the budget would be too tight (unless you're sure to only drink tap water).

            1. re: ChefJune

              I guess going almost limited on $450.00 for two people isn't exactly what I would call budget, unless I miss read...But yes budget suggestions would be great.

              A nice inexpensive place close to or around the corner from, 10 rue Auguste Barbier 75011 PARIS, where we are staying is really what I want. That would be perfect when we come home from a long day of sight seeing and want to grab a bite close to home before bed.

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                Sorry, did not understand that this was an independent query from the OP. Recommendations for really casual eats are hard because the simplest places change a lot and often. From your location, Chateaubriand is a great place, but not to grab a bite when you come home before bed. There is the little Chinatown up North, in particular the President and the New Nioulaville, gigantic Chinese restaurants. And you have many nice bistrots by the Canal Saint Martin.

                1. re: souphie

                  Your a wealth of knowledge thank you!

                2. re: eatmedrinkme

                  I believe Auberge Pyrenees-Cevennes is walkable, and they have a prix-fixe menu at around 25E. It's been a while so check it out first.

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                    Chez Jenny , at Republique, is very busy and for choucroute and a bottle of Alsace Riesling, not a bad time, great oysters, pretty place, and not very expensive. About 3-4 blocks away.

              2. If you both like duck (and history, LOTS of history!) there's always Tour d'Argent...


                You probably need to make reservations well in advance, but it's very honeymoon worthy! And there's a pretty good chance it will still be there for you to go back on your golden anniversary. Happy honeymoon!

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                  1. re: eatmedrinkme

                    Actually, Tour d'Argent is my favourite for Sunday brunch--especially for honeymooners as the beautiful restaurant has one of the most beautiful views in Paris. Across the road is the comptoir for the restaurant and you could purchase a souvenir of your meal. Have a great time.

                    1. re: faijay

                      Faijay, have you eaten there recently?

                      I ate there when it was still a Michelin two star (I think it is only a one star now) and had a really poor experience, very snooty, very crusty, and they even supplied a tie for me to wear from their collection. The view is great, possibly the best in Paris, but I can't remember anything about the food, apart from the certificate I got with the duck.

                      I hesitate to recommend it; but has it changed, improved?

                    2. re: eatmedrinkme

                      Beyond the splurge, be careful where you eat your budget meals. My brother and sister-in-law took a side trip to Paris, while visiting my niece and her family in England. The most economical way, both financially and time-wise, seemed to be a tour. They were promised Notre Dame, but got Versailles. Then were taken to an "authentic neighborhood bistro" for lunch. They found the food ho-hum, and the wine wasn't what they thought French red table wine would be. They asked the "garcon" what it was. He showed them the bottle of half empty Earnest and Julio Gallo burgundy! Obviously, there are "neighborhood bistros," and then there are "neighborhood bistros." Caveat emptor!

                        1. re: Caroline1

                          Anyone that relies on a tour company to take them to an authentic neighborhood bistro deserves the slop that is placed before them to eat.

                          1. re: f2dat06

                            Well, I don't do tours or cruises, but my brother and sister-in-law thought it was an expedient way to see the bit of Paris they wanted (Notre Dame). I just think it's terribly funny to fly from California to England to Paris, then end up drinking Earnest and Julio Gallo. GREAT humor!

                            1. re: f2dat06

                              Yes but relying on tours from individual experts is extremely smart.

                              1. re: souphie

                                Hey, if I were coming to Paris, Souphie, you'd be the first one I call! I enjoy your blog. '-)