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Jun 22, 2009 11:03 AM

Favorite piece of cookware in your kitchen?

Is there one pot, pan or other item you turn to again and again? It need not be fancy - just one you always find yourself reaching for?

For me it's my vintage cast iron deep black skillet with matching cast iron lid. I always leave it on the stove because I seem to use it almost everyday. Because it's deeper than a traditional skillet it works for things (like sauces or large batches of things) that a shallow or traditional skillet might not work for. It's certainly not my "fanciest" piece of cookware - but is the most used and loved.

what about you?

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  1. All my cast irons different sizes for different uses, my 10 and my 6" mostly and my 8" saute pan from Target. I couldn't cook without them.

    1. My Santoku knife. It cuts just about everything and it's the one I find myself reaching for the most.

      1. Hmm...I love my knives--10" Sabatier chef's knife, a Chinese cleaver I use from time to time, another 10" chef's knife.

        I also love my Microplane grater, which I bought long enough ago that it's the original model.

        There's somethign really satisfying about using a well-designed tool!

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          I also got a microplane grater 8 years ago at a garage sale, $1, perfect shape I don't think they ever used it. Brand new looking. Nice heavy duty. I never really do garage sales except for antiques but it was a neighbor so I walked over. She had great expensive kitchen utensils and never used them but I had no room so this was my only purchase.

        2. 5 quart enameled dutch oven! soups...stews...braising...sauces...even just making pasta (it holds so well the water returns to a boil quickly after adding pasta)...

          1. It used to be a runoff between my cast iron skillet or chef's knife.

            But my favorite toy is either my pepper grinder or Microplane.

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              jaykayen, have you found a pepper grinder that is worthy of love? Every pepper grinder that we ever have used has had colorful language unsuitable for the ears of children directed its way. What kind of pepper grinder is yours?