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Jun 22, 2009 10:53 AM

Scoogi's (Flourtown)

In recent years Scoogi's was a favorite of mine. I ate there many dozens of times and enjoyed every meal. More than a year ago, however, they changed their menu, upped their prices and plummeted in terms of service. It seemed that others noticed the downward spiral, as the place became less and less crowded. All of the "positives" about Scoogi's had turned to "negatives". After giving the place several chances to reverse my negative impression, I gave up on the place. Can anybody convince me to go back to Scoogi's?

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  1. IMO there's too many good restaurants around to convince someone to go back to somewhere that they've become disenchanted with.

    Honestly I never saw the allure of Scoogi's. I thought the pizza was very greasy and the service was mediocre at best.

    1. No, but then again I could have never convinced anyone to go there in the first place. It's one of those spots that despite mediocre food, people still go there. Then again, Americans seem to patronize all kinds of places with mediocre food.

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      1. re: Den

        I never ate pizza at Scoogi's. My favorites were such items as grilled salmon with pecan/maple glaze, the seared tuna appetizer, steak, grilled salmon wrap, their to-die-for French onion soup and numerous creative salads. There was nothing mediocre about what I used to order at Scoogi's, but it has fallen to mediocrity lately.

        1. re: Enjoy Good Food

          We were there last week. I used to think they did a decent job, but I left very disappointed. There is nothing more disgusting than a salad (the special of the day) with old lettuce or spinach with tough dried out stems.

          1. re: crazyspice

            Try Roberto's which is just a few blocks away. Their homemade gnocci is excellent.

            1. re: DaisyM

              Where is Roberto's? I work in the area & don't know it...

              1. re: truffles2

                Roberto's is the old Fingers on Beth Pike in Erdenheim.

      2. Never liked Scoogi's! My wife tries to get me to go there all the time. I refuse to spend good money for mediocre, and sometimes worse than that, food.

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        1. re: bucksguy14

          I'm in the same boat. We've been there a few times and its ok, not terrible, not great. I don't know why but it kind of reminds me of a chain. There are so many other great options in the area, I'd rather patronize a restaurant I love.

          That said, I did host a bridal shower there a few years back and they did a really nice job. So I kind of think of it more of an event location than a restaurant.

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            I think the downfall of Scoogi's began when they opened a restaurant in Avalon, NJ. The new restaurant was an overnight success. Priorities have shifted and Scoogi's seems to have gotten less attention in deference to other priorities. Consistency or food and service is very important to me. I'm forgiving once or twice, but after the third debacle...."bye bye". Like you said, AmblerGirl, there are too many good dining establishments in the area to stick with a "used-to-be".

          2. re: bucksguy14

            where do you like to eat in the area??

            1. re: Mom4

              I can't think of a place in the Springfield area that we go to, even occasionally.

              1. re: Mom4

                I haven't found anything in the Fort Washington/Flourtown that appeals to me so I often travel a few miles and go to Chestnut Hill. Solaris Grill is good and the Chestnut Hill Grill appeals to me for salads, good desserts and ice cold drafts. Going to Chestnut Hill Grill (admittedly not "great") allows me to stop at Jonathan's Best deli in the next store farmer's market. That deli is costly but fabulous. Cresham Cottage in Germantown is good, if you can bear the cobblestone roads.

                1. re: Enjoy Good Food

                  What about Allison Two in Fort Washington? I've heard great things. I've not been there yet (am going to have my birthdayty dinner there later this month and am very excited).

                  Zake's in Ft. Washington is quite good too. Great brunch.

                  Can't think of anything else further up towards Springfield.

                  1. re: AmblerGirl

                    Went to Alison 2 last night for a special farm market dinner that featured all fresh items from local farms. It was a $40 price fix for 4 courses. We enjoyed it very much. Great presentation and very enjoyable food. The wine list there is claimed to be offering their bottles at $10 over cost although I'm not quite sure about that. There were 3 of us so figure $120 for the price fix. The bill was $202 without tip so we spent $82 on booze. $46 for a bottle of wine and each of us had 1 mixed drink so the drinks averaged $12.

                    1. re: Den

                      Den, it's obvious that the economy isn't affecting (worrying) you. Twelve dollars for a drink and forty dollars for a meal translates to a once-ever-five or ten-years treat for me. Plus, I couldn't possibly eat four courses at a meal and often order only an appetizer for dinner. But.....differences in people is what makes the world so interesting. I'm delighted that you enjoy Alison Two.

                      1. re: Enjoy Good Food

                        In defense of the $12 drinks (aside from the economy) the drinks at A2 are THE BEST! They make all of their own mixers. Everything is freshly squeezed, the lime juice, lemon, sour, cherry, orange and all the other funky flavors. You can really taste the difference.

                      2. re: Den

                        Den - The drinks at Alison are $10 not $12. You are including sales tax in the price. Just letting you know! Love A2 - it's a favorite!

                        1. re: SUZSS0811

                          If I'm paying sales tax that's what the items "costs" right? I don't understand your point. I pulled $12 out of my pocket for the drink.

                    2. re: Enjoy Good Food

                      Cresheim Cottage is in Mt Airy, not Germantown, and it closed last year - a victim of the Germantown Ave reconstruction project. However rumor has it that it will be reopening, and there is a LCB sticker in the we shall see....

                2. I love it there for the food. I know I am getting homemade and freshly prepared food. I hate going to chains and tavens where it is all fried or frozen food that they are serving, I can do that at home. And I think thier prices are resonable it is a place I can frequent unlike most others in the area.

                  1. We stopped going to Scoogi's a few years ago when we realized the food and atmosphere wasn't worth the hour-long wait. Also had problems with small children being allowed to roam to our table repeatedly while the adults in their party looked on indulgently. Once or twice is fine - but this was above and beyond reasonable. Besides that, the food was sub par and service was slow and cranky.

                    Also, we have tried Roberto's a couple of times and found the food was just okay and our waiter seemed overwhelmed. The pasta is good, but the salads and appetizers are kind of cheesy (i.e. iceberg lettuce, a wedge of tomato, and dressing clearly coming from a gallon-sized industrial jar). On the plus side, the art is so campy that it is wonderful. I think some of the frames are wads of masking tap spraypainted silver. I get a kick out of it everytime I see it!

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                    1. re: masonwasp

                      Masonwasp, do you know if Roberto's has handmade pasta?

                      1. re: AmblerGirl

                        The pasta at Roberto's is handmade.