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Jun 22, 2009 10:21 AM

Recommendations for Superb Breakfast Place?


I'll be in Toronto this weekend, staying in Yorkville. What is a great, breakfast place to go to? I'm not looking for a diner with great eggs. I'd be looking for a place that serves great pancakes and/or french toast and/or eccletic stuff. In other words, someplace that I'd be happy to cab to if need be.


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  1. Are you averse to brunch? The T-dot's a weekend brunch kinda town.

    1. eggspactations is good. its down on yonge street at the eton center.
      or Mars is a nice classic diner type on yonge street just north of eglington on the east side.

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        I respectfully disagree with both recommendations...these places are both mediocre at best and real tourist local foodie would dare make this their brekkie joint of choice. Also avoid Over Easy on Bloor near Avenue Rd....slow service, always a wait for a table and the food pedestrian at best.

        1. re: lmc1971

          So what do you recommend then for breakfast?

          1. re: Chazari99

            The best pancakes and french toast in Toronto is served at Peoples (west of Dupont & Davenport, north side). It's a small diner but the food is excellent and has been a secret among foodies and locals who prefer a homestyle hearty brunch monikers here. I've been eating here for almost 15 years and I wouldn't recommed any other place. It's about a 20 min walk from Yorkville...but worth the trip. The pancakes are wonderous...fluffy and gorgeous, with the slightest savoury taste...mmmm...always served hot. Not to mention their syrup isn't watered down like most joints. The french toast is also spectacular, my husband dreams about this dish, seriously. Enjoy.

        2. re: BritinCan

          I also disagree with Eggspectations (haven't been to Mars). I can make everything on their menu better than they do while half asleep.


          Shabby chic decor, a line up if you get there after, say 110 am. but great food: i.e. real Belgian waffles with yeast, dill/dijon potatoes with kalamata olives and an awesome Pan Bagnat with tuna. It's at College and Bathurst (Lippincott St.) so, maybe a $7 cab ride from Yorkville.

          1. Rebel House has a great brunch and an excellent patio to enjoy it on. It isn't too far from Yorkville, just up Yonge St. one subway stop at Rosedale.

            Also, The School Bakery Cafe in Liberty Village has an outstanding brunch. It is quite a cab ride from Yorkville though.

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              If your into your brunch sweet and fluffy then School is the place. That seems to be their niche. I think the eggy side of thing are just okay , but the pancakes and stuff like that are dreamy. Good coffeee too! Line-ups. Go early.