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Jun 22, 2009 10:19 AM

Dinner suggestion-from out of town

I have a good friend arriving Thursday PM (7pm) from the west coast. He's from the DE area, so this isn't his first time in the area. I am picking him up at the airport and was thinking of grabbing a late-ish dinner somewhere-either downtown or in the burbs (I live on the Main Line). Suggestions for something cool, easy and not over the top?

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  1. My first thought was burgers at Good Dog. Easy, good, and nothing like a yummy burger with yummy fries after a long flight. Gastropubs (like Good Dog) might be the way to go if your friend is that type.

    1. Ethiopian at Abyssinia! Perfect way to relax after a long flight - kitfo, fitfit, beer, no frills. And it's not too far to get back to the Main Line afterward.