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[DFW] Best Soups?!

Oddly enough given the weather, I have been on a severe soup kick for around two months now. I order at least a cup of soup almost every time I go out to eat.

I have to give these soups a nod:

Lentil soup at Stoneleigh P
Tortilla soup at Cuba Libre
Chicken & veggie soup at Angry Dog (I almost feel bad ordering soup here considering the menu, but it's just so damn good)
Clam chowder at Louie's
Seafood gumbo at Jason's Deli (I know, I know...it's GOOD though!)
Jalapeno soup at The Meridian Room/Libertine Bar (though I went to Meridian last week and it looked and tasted like pickling juice...hope new owners didn't ruin it for good)
Corn & poblano chowder at Jasper's
Cream of poblano at Truluck's
Arroz a la tumbada at La Palapa Veracruzana
Tom Yahm Goong at Royal Thai

Any soup suggestions? What are your favorite soups in the area?

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  1. I like the baked Potato soup at Houston's.

    1. The Green Chili Chicken soup at Market Street is exceptional in taste and value (3 sizes). It's got enough of a heat kick to get your attention and is loaded with large shards of their rotisserie chicken (I speak of the Colleyville location). Only other ingredient is small chunks of potato. OK - It's made from a packaged base - but, still.....

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        i second that, CM has great 5 onion soup, as well.

      2. Mushroom soup at The Grape.

        Anybody know what to expect from the soon to open "Split Peas Soup Cafe" on Mckinney and Routh?

        1. Shrimp won-ton soup with BBQ roast duck and Chinese broccoli at First Chinese BBQ in Richardson.

          1. - French onion soup at Rise No 1. They also have an excellent gazpacho that is a frequent special.
            - Tortilla soup at Cafe Brazil, Deep Ellum location. Can't vouch four the soup at other locations, except it's not very good at Addison location.
            - Shrimp won ton soup at First Chinese BBQ
            - New England Clam Chowder at Sea Breeze, Plano (get a lobster roll while you're there!)
            - Sopa de Gallina at Gloria's (Lemmon location - don't know about the others)

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              The Tortilla soup is pretty good at the Cafe Brazil on N. Central. Not Dean Fearing good, but quite passable.

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                Second the French Onion at Rise no1. Best around.

              2. I just thought of another great soup I love. The sausage and green bean soup served (Wednesdays only) at Celebration restaurant on Lovers Lane in Dallas. Outstanding!

                1. Poblano with Tomato Foam @ Stephan Pyles
                  Gumbo @ Hook Line and Sinker
                  Lobster Bisque @ Daddy Jacks and Old Warsaw
                  Cream of Shrooms @ Salum and The Grape - pictured (Salum uses a truffle oil too)
                  Dal Soup @ Kalachandji's
                  Xochitl soup @ Luna de Noche
                  Tortilla Soup @ Fearing's (he has been known for this stuff since 1803)
                  Quail Soup @ Paul's Porterhouse (been waaay too long since I have been there tho)
                  Matzo Ball or Kreplach Soup @ Deli News - pictured
                  Any soup at Central Market or Eatzi's especially the cream soups
                  I have also had a special soup at Chow Thai, the green curried duck soup. In-freaking-credible
                  I could literally go on forever

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                      Just so you can rest a little better tonight, I did a search for "best soup" before I posted this and that link didn't come up. I do apologize, though, for not meticulously reading through every thread ever created on this board before making a new thread. I hate the thought of inconveniencing you with a duplicate thread you never intended on contributing to but clicked on anyway. Gosh, I just feel awful.

                      Anyway, the sausage and green bean soup at Celebration, the quail soup at Paul's Porterhouse (never heard of this place at all before), and the shrimp won ton soup at First Chinese BBQ sound like soups I most definitely need to try.

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                        It was no inconvenience to me. I was just adding a few more soups to the list.

                        Thanks for the sarcasm though!

                        A few more to add would be:
                        Tumeric hot and sour catfish soup with pickled coconut shoots at Jasmine Thai in Plano

                        2nd Favorite - Seafood hot pot (Cac Loai Lau Mam, Thap Cam) at Nam Hua in Richardson/Garland

                        Ausht at Afghan Grill

                        Daal soup that comes free with a sit down meal at Taj Chaat Cafe (it changes on the flavors and color of Daal)

                        Menudo at Tortilleria de Original de Zacatecas in Fort Worth (several locations but the one on Camp Bowie is the one I tried)

                        Guiso de Res at El Salvador Restaurant in Irving

                        Ta Pin Lu (Lau) Do Bien (Seasonal Vegetable and Seafood Viet style hotpot) or Lau Thai Lan (Thai style seasonal vegetable and seafood hot pot) both at Saigon Block in Richardson.

                        Technically not a soup but the same mouthfeel is the Haleem at Masala Masala in Euless

                        Favorite stateside would be the seasonal Yellow Squash Soup at Lola

                        I would take off the Poblano Soup at Nuevo Leon as they ahve gone way downhill there.

                    2. At S&D Oyster Co, the gumbo is thick, dark and rich, the way it should be - but the richness of the flavors may be putoffish to some.

                      1. I forgot about the Tom Kai coconut soup with shrimp at Samui. Yummmmm...

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                          You go there for the meats, salad bar and the cheesy bread rolls.... but the lobster bisque at Texas De Brazil is rediculous. Had like 5 bowls before I realized I was paying $40 for the meat!

                        2. I like the Cream of Jalapeno at Cafe Brazil.

                          1. Gumbo at Chamberlains Fish Market - brick red colour. best in town IMO
                            Pho at Pho Bac in Richardson

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                              Haven't had the gumbo at either Chamberlains Fish or S&D, but that tell-tale deep earthy red is a sure sign of a roux that was made properly, the old fashion way: hours of simmering. Count me in.

                              LH, my buddy my pal, I have wanted to like Taj Chaat, I have gone to Taj Chaat, I am trying to enjoy Taj Chaat. I am struggling there and feel ashamed. Have you had their parantha? I dunno, I will be going back to try again. I realize its more mid-day Indian snacky kind of place, so perhaps I need to approach it as such. Last time I had their saag paneer, a perennial favorite of mine, and it was more like a dab of spinach baby food (8 bucks) and little or no paneer. A 6'3 white male that hit 40 this year gets odd looks there too.

                              Saigon Block now on radar, and will report!

                              Thanks all for this revival of a theme, wonderful thread. Soup is nurturing even when it's 100 degrees outside.

                              I should add that the Madras soup is delightful at Indian Palace, and well worth trying.

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                                I hate to continually to be seemingly at odds - but there are 2 schools to gumbo. There is the "red" variety that includes tomatoes and the "brown" which relies on the roux for color, also providing a rich, nutty flavor and thickening along side the use of fried down okra. The S&D flavors remind me of that which I raised eating. So if you like the red, you might not enjoy S&D.

                                An aside: I had always "heard" that "gumbo" received its name from the African term meaning okra. I was surprised when I recently learned that many do not incorporate okra. To me, it's an integral part of gumbo makeup - and if you fry it down, it does not have the slimy texture that is characteristic of okra.

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                                  CocoaNut -- Exactly the color I was referring to and the roux version of gumbo is what I seek and desire. Sorry I stumble-bummed that description Pappy O'Daniel style.

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                                    If you do make to it S&D, I hope you enjoy it.

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                                      I'm from Louisiana, as are my parents, my parents parents, etc... Gumbo does mean Okra. But yes, some people prefer okra-less gumbo (like my mother). To me, this is an oxymoron, like Jumbo Shrimp. But, everyone has their own preferences...

                                      A true gumbo is created from a roux, which involves browning (burning) flour in oil.

                                      File is used as a thickening agent for those who do not prefer okra.

                                      The best gumbo can be found at Nate's in Addison.

                                      As for other soups, try the lobster & shrimp soup on Fridays at Uncle Julios, the Lobster Bisque at Lucile's in Fort Worth (to die for), and the shrimp soup at La Tortilandia (also in FW).

                                      Uncle Julios
                                      1125 N Union Bower Rd, Irving, TX 75061

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                                      I tell them no paratha...it is probably the worst in the city.....yes some dishes are a miss. I will admit it. Just go for what everyone else has in their hands chaat, pani puri, dosas (have you seen any that are bigger?) and a sprinkling of others.

                                      Is the Madras soup that soup they have on the buffet at Indian Palace? It tastes a lot like Cambells tomato with a bit of curry powder or a masala thrown in. I never taste much coconut milk if it is in there.

                                      You are going to need some soup "buddies" if you want to tackle those Saigon Block monsters...same is true with Nam Hua.

                                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                                        Not sure about the buffet soup... the madras is very coconutty and creamy. Never have had canned soup, so who knows.

                                        I will continue trying Taj Chaat until I have exhausted their menu. I trust you. And I think I can handle myself at Saigon. but if you have recs I will take em ;)

                                  2. I threatened more soup raves, and I had a nice one for lunch today. Sort of. I anguish some days where I will have lunch, especially days which I do not plan an evening meal or months with R's in it. I consorted with another hounder and decided on H Mart food court despite her better suggestion.

                                    I am no novice to H Mart or its delightful food court. Some days I am treated to whimsical huzzahs from the women that run the various counters, usually when pilfer walnut cookies from the front of the store and gleefully pass them out as I make my decision which vendor will get my seven bucks.

                                    Today was not such a day, and they barely recognized me. In actuality, they probably only ever recognize me as that tall white man with seven bucks, just like all the other 6'3 white dudes that lumber in on occasion.

                                    I chose one of the sizzling hot pots with soft tofu, and mixed seafood from Sobahn. There you will find endless combinations to this soup that is laced with spicy greatness that not only can fry off several layers of valued tongue, but also delivers sinus rendering madness and healing powers. The broth is a bubbling rich redness that must not be approached without a fire proof hazmat mask.

                                    My over all experience was fantastic as always. There are other choices as well, and all should be explored. I believe my selection today could be described more of the Jjigae, but you will also find Bulgogi and quail egg laced Bibimbap.

                                    While there I ran through the store for a quick look see. I found some nice shrimp for 2.99 and King Crab for 7.99. God I love this place.

                                    The first pic is my selection today, the second is Bibimbap

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                                      Yummy!! The second pic looks killer, too. Please tell me you purchased king crab with it being 7.99??

                                    2. Just wanted to add my favorite
                                      Spicy Chicken Soup from Mai's on Bryan St. Soooooo good!

                                      1. Since this soup blog started in June of this year, Zinsky's Deli has opened and, I'll have to add their matzoh ball soup to my list of favorites.

                                        1. My favorite is the lobster bisque at Daddy Jack's, which I've had only at the FW location. It has the flavor of a lobster in the ocean and must be loaded with heavy cream; a bowl is more than a meal.

                                          1. Obviously, no one has tried the Tomato Gin Soup at White Chocolate Grill on Mayo. We always take extra home with us. Give it a try and report back to this board......!

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                                              We have not tried that soup at White Chocolate Grill because it does not exisit in Dallas/Fort Worth. Looking at the website I can only find restaurants in Scottsdale, AZ; Naperville, IL and Lone Tree, CO.


                                              Do you know if there is a new one opening in Dallas?

                                            2. I had a cup of vegetable soup Friday at Old West Cafe, new to Grapevine, not so new to Denton and Sanger. Typically, that's my least favorite soup, but I wasn't really hungry and they only have one soup per day. I have to say, it totally bowled me over; packed with flavor and chunky with yellow and zucchini squash, mushrooms, corn and the standard tomato, celery, carrots and onions. The broth was thin, but had an amazing heft and balance to the taste. I found that they use fresh (secret) herbs, tomato paste rather than sauce and chicken stock, all of which certainly contributes to the complexity.

                                              They make their soups daily and I was told the mushroom is off the hook. I look forward to trying others before the summer heat sets in. I'd love a bowl now!

                                              Grapevine has been hurting for a *good* all around cafe/diner with a varied menu and this appears to suit the bill with good value for the price. My half (shaved) ham & swiss sandwich was overflowing the edges of the rustic style bread. I hope other selections are equal to it. The only shortcoming of note is that most of the sides are fried, although they did have 2 vegetable specials on Friday - steamed vegetable medley and corn. I assume that to be an everyday standard.

                                              They're on NW Hwy in the old Dickie's location, across from Cafe Italia. Close at 2:00 p. :( and also, they did not have a soup this past Saturday - So on the weekend, if you're wanting to try the soup, you might call to verify before showing up.

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                                                Champagne Brie Soup-St. Martin's Wine Bistro
                                                Tortilla Soup-The Mansion on Turtle Creek
                                                Tomato Basil Soup-La Madeline or Panera
                                                Tom Kha-Mango Thai

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                                                  Corner Bakery has yummy & inexpensive soups - like French Onion - that make a perfect meal in their "pick two" combo with their greek salad...

                                              2. Pho soup at Green Papaya on Oak Lawn - best and freshest stuff ever! They're flat noodles in oyster sauce are also fantastic, but it's a huge entree - not a soupl

                                                Green Papaya Cafe
                                                3211 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219

                                                1. Generally, I'm not a fan of chain restaurants, but the lobster bisque at Pappadeaux's is really delicious! And of course, the baked potato soup at Houston's can't be beat either!

                                                  1. i would have to the gumbo at jason's it is pretty good and the pappadeux's of course has a good gumbo but if u want a really good chix tortilla try boston market...omg...changed my life!!!!!!

                                                    1. Gotta give a plug for the gaspacho at Dallas Chophouse. Try it and you will thank me!

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                                                        Marshmallow soup at Rise No 1--nothing close in my book.

                                                        1. re: bhoward

                                                          God why didn't I think of that. That is the best. Neiman has a killer lobster bisque too

                                                            1. re: iluvtennis

                                                              Marshmallow soup is a tomato carrot bisque with a floating mini goat cheese souffle and a swirl of basil pesto. First time I went I was told I must try it and I have had it every visit since. Google it--there are plent of articles, blogs, etc raving and for good reason.

                                                        2. I'm a soup nut, too...

                                                          I love the pumpkin soup at Spoons Cafe in downtown McKinney (delicious paired with the grown-up grilled cheese sandwich...best comfort food EVER)...

                                                          All the soups they make at Ruth Ellen's Simple Dining in Allen are soooo good...They rotate them around...but he told me they're offering "more" at one time for fall...So far, the zucchini tomato basil and the baked potato have been my absolute favorites...

                                                          Someone mentioned a Market Street soup - my husband and I LOVE the prime rib and mushroom soup at Market Street - but you can't plan for it! And when they put it out, it goes FAST...but it's amazing...

                                                          And my husband is in love with the Tom kha gai at Zenna in Plano...he has a hard time ordering anything else there!