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Jun 22, 2009 09:24 AM

Sag Harbor and the Hamptons - what's good this year

I'll be spending next week in Sag Harbor with the wife and kids (two 9-year olds) and I'm wondering if anyone has any recs this year? I'll certainly be going to Turtle Crossing and tryng to get to Estia's, but other than that I'm open. We're hoping to spend some time in Southampton and Easthampton as well, so if any one knows of anything that's not too pricey and good with kids, please let me know.



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  1. Hopefully you will get some better weather for your trip. On a nice day you can sit outside at the Dockside (American Legion building). I think that kid friendly in Sag Harbor would be - LaSuperica and Conca d'Oro. I would stay away from Grappa & JLX this year (owner/investor trouble). Have you been to Espresso? It's an Italian deli with a few tables. Good for takeout.

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      I just discovered Espresso, nice people with quite the menu. Tiny little place with hundreds of things to choose from: Italian pasta and entrees, heroes, foccacia, wraps, pizza, salads and so on. Breakfast too, opens at 7AM. Think it's sort of an Italian market also?

      Maybe The Dock House on the wharf, great location, and afterwards there's an ice cream place on the corner there, I think they just started selling cupcakes too. (Next to the theatre)

      Easthampton you have Cherrystones, just east of Turtle Crossing, where Snowflakes used to be. Still that kind of menu. Maybe you'd like to try the other BBQ joint, Townline in Sagaponack, I always see lots of kids there and there's lots of room. Great food, but more basic and definitely less expensive than Turtle (although I love Turtle Crossing the best). Rowdy Hall for burger type food or Sams for pizza too.

      Southampton you always have La Parmigiana or Sip N Soda, both old fashioned institutions around there. Right next to each other on Hampton Road.

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        I much prefer Townline BBQ to Turtle Crossing (terrible service and overpriced IMO). Cherrystones is just OK, for much better/fresher seafood go to Clam Bar At Napeague, fab fried whole belly clams, spicy crab chowder (great people spotting too, sat next to Kelly Ripa and her family last visit). For great takout, try Luigi's near Turtle Crossing, its owned by relatives of the folks that own La Parmigiana, fantastic panini sandwiches and fresh ital entrees. John Papas in EH is a great little diner for breakfast too. Head to Sag Harbor for some great choices, Il Capucino is IMO better than La Parm. and family friendly that won't break the bank (WARNING:the garlic rolls fresh out of the oven, dripping in olive oil and fresh garlic are addictive)

    2. My staple in Southampton is Fellingham's. Can't beat the burgers and the service is always good. This restaurant definitely won't break the bank.