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Jun 22, 2009 08:54 AM

Farm Markets in Middlesex & Monmouth Counties

Well we're in the season for Farm Markets.
Can we get your favorite?

I'm near the Rutgers Farm Market which is open on Fridays - haven't been there in a couple of weeks -as the last time I was there - there were very few vendors and the vendors there had a very limited selection.

I'm looking for one with a broad selection of produce. I'm curious to know which are the best, what types of produce do they have and how are the prices??

Last year there was a great one in East Brunswick, where you could purchase great produce at very reasonable prices that was open on Sundays only. So far they have not been open this year, they are located across the street from the East Brunswick Jewish Temple on Ryders lane.


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  1. Agree that Rutgers Farm Market was a little sad, did pick up some good cherries but could not even put together a salad from there :(
    We need a entrepreneur to coordinate something like the Ithaca Farm Market here in NJ - now that place is something!

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      I agree as well, not much there for actual "produce" more-so cookies, bread, cheese than produce. Stinks because its so close to me....anything else is a hike.

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        Still a little early, and the weather hasn't helped. At the Red Bank one (Sundays) they told me by the end of June they should start having plenty of stuff.

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          The NJ Department of Agriculture provides a search by county and produce

          The NJ Farm Bureau has a website that let's you search by county and the produce you are looking for:

          While not a farmers market there's a co-op in NB on Georges St. I've never been there but keep meaning to check it out. Maybe tomorrow will be the day,

          We haven't been able to plant most of our garden with all this rain.. It's the latest start ever and the plants in the ground are starting to die from all the water. The only plants that are loving it seem to be our blueberries.

      2. there is one on saturday mornings on hamilton street in new brunswick/somerset

        von thuns in south brunswick off 130 has a very good selection as well.

        in monroe there are quite a few between 33 and perrineville road

        1. There is a good one at the Princeton Junction Train Station on Saturdays:

          1. Not a market, but an actual farm, Stults Farm in East Windsor/Cranbury has a great selection. Check their wesite for products throughout the summer.


            1. After a couple years of discussion and planning, Manasquan finally has a weekly Farmers' Market. It's small and due to the weather this spring and early summer the produce is limited. Nevertheless, I am optimistic and feel the number of vendors will grow. We found an interesting loaf of olive-loaded wheat bread and some yellow grape tomatoes. Add a bottle of wine and some salumi . . . .

              By the way, anyone interested in participating can contact the Manasquan Chamber of Commerce by e-mail to

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                Yea Squan, grew up there. Where and when is this market open?

                1. re: Barbarella

                  I 'spose that would have been helpful. The Market is set up on Miller Preston Way - the small street that separates the drug store from the liquor store on Main Street. It's open from 8 to 3 or 4 on Thursdays.