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Jun 22, 2009 08:52 AM

Shaka- Pier Village

just ran by this place the other day and saw their grand opening is today. was wondering if anyone has tried it yet. looks like a burrito taco kinda place like fins or surftaco.

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  1. They have a complete lack of a website here:

    Why bother?

    1. All I know is that it is owned by the same guy who owns The Turning Point

      1. My son & I read the Twitter feed on Shaka last night and a wee bit curious hit their Pier Village location for lunch today. We walled into a Tiki hut, Polynesian vibe, fun for a beach area and youth friendly. Very helpful and eager wait staff on hand. Outside most of the rattan lined seating was taken although I noted only a few people eating food. The inside of the restaurant was nearly empty. The owner, complete with laptop, sat in the corner typing away. Maybe he's working on the website!

        For lunch we gave the fish taco and build-your-own-burrito a go. The fish taco was served with a very small piece of salmon, avocado, cabbage, mango and some fresh lime. Three bites, history. My son selected a chicken/rice/greens burrito which was lacking heat or a generous hand with the ingredients. Shaka offers bottled drinks so, we shared a peach tea. Overall, we were underwhelmed by skimpy servings and bland prep. $12/+change for the order and we left mighty hungry.

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        1. re: HillJ

          HillJ - Sorry about your disappointing experience. Maybe they need to focus less on the tweets and more on the food.

          1. re: HillJ

            Sorry to hear this. Have been on the prowl for a decent fish taco since The Shack closed...

            1. re: equal_Mark

              equalM, me too-The Shack was a very cool place, great vibe and an excellent fish taco.

              bgut1, maybe they need a few weeks under their belts....

          2. Imagine that - a disappointing restaurant at Pier Village. I'm shocked ... shocked.

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            1. re: Bob Martinez

              ..and yet, the restaurants at PV my friends & I consider "disappointing" are still open.
              Shaka, if it is owned by the TP group, should know how to prepare a fish taco. PV as a location/destination isn't the problem.

              1. re: HillJ

                As previously stated, it is owned by TP gang. Got it straight from the horse's mouth.

                1. re: ejdb

                  Then I should have every faith that Shaka will prepare a wonderful fish taco for its hungry summer customers. :)

                2. re: HillJ

                  I beach at 7 presidents and frequent the Running Store (Shore Runner, which is great) in PV ....I think we've tried every place there and have been dissapointed, especially in TP.

                  I'm convinced the people who dine in PV, a majority anyway, have never cooked an egg, therefore anything is "great" for them.

                  They certainly have the new hip "location"

                  Couldn't pull what those restaurants do at other locations that's for sure.

                  I'll head to Windmill, Maxx's or hit Bobbys Burger Place on the way home for a quick bite.

              2. Happy to report that Pier Village was MOBBED today - good for the economy.
                Stopped in here to check it out. Cool, beach, family vibe. Like a Surf Taco.

                They have Hawaiian Shaved Ice - A stand by the beach too.
                Did not eat lunch just a Lychee Shaved Ice - flavor ok, should have tried the create your own flavor where you can choose up to three of the following flavors:
                Shaka Rock - A secret island blend of Coconut - Berry and Love
                Bubble Gum
                Blue Raspberry
                Root Beer
                Orange Lime
                Kona Coffee
                Pina Colada
                Watermelon 3.00 for a small which was HUGE

                Chips 1.00
                Salsa 1.00
                Tropical Salsa 1.25
                Fresh Guac 2.50

                Chicken - 6.95
                Big Island Shrimp - 7.50
                Mojo Grilled Steak 7.50
                Hawaiian Grilled Fish 7.25
                Very Vegetarian 6.25
                Big Kahuna - The Kitchen Sink of Burritos 8.75
                Or Create your own

                Tacos Soft or Hard
                North Shore Chicken Taco 2.35
                Chipolte Steak Taco 2.75
                Kona Fish Taco 2.50
                Shaka Shrimp Taco 2.75
                Veggie Taco 2.75
                Create your own Taco

                Tropical Prawn Shrimp Salad 8.50
                Veggie Spinach Salad 6.95
                Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken Salad 8.25
                Build your own salad

                Rice Bowls
                Makaha Fish & rice 7.95
                Beef Bowl 8.25

                Flatbread Quesadillas
                Baja Spiced Shrimp Quesadilla 8.25
                Chicken Quesadilla 7.50
                Steak Quesadilla 8.95
                Veggie Quesadilla 8.95
                Build your own Quesadilla

                Kids Menu
                Natural Chicken Fingers 5.95
                Organic Mac and Cheese 4.95
                Grilled Cheese Quesadilla 5.50
                Chicken or Steak Taco 5.95
                Kids aka Keika Rice Bowl 4.50

                Their Motto from the menu
                We are Shaka - We operate with Earth Friendly products and practices. Serve the freshest all natural products and source these items locally in season. Prepare ingredients using 'from scratch' recipes, never use shortcuts. Only use recycled and or biodegradable paper, packaging and tableware. We serve humanely raised meats, free of hormones antibiotics and unnatural preservatives.