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Baang, Riverside/Greenwich

Had to get off 95 because of big traffic jam, and I noticed this restaurant on Route 1 in Riverside (or is it Greenwich). It's nice to see an Asian Fusion NOT owned by Alan Lee in this part of Ct!! Checking their web site, it looks like it's worth a try. Any Chowhounders been there?

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  1. It's been a while, but it's been a good restaurant. Not cheap, and quite loud during peak times, but it's been reliable. I haven't been in almost 2 years though...

    1. Years ago we loved it! The last time we were there it was horrible and we will not be back. The food was awful and it was very loud.

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        it's always been loud, but the bad food is new. That's really too bad. How long ago was that?

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          We meet another couple there once a year, and it's almost time once again. Your assessments are on target, i.e., not cheap & loud, but Deb would like to hear about the specifics and how recent that was. We have always walked out of there really pleased with the food.

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            It's been 5 or 6 months so I can't recall all the details. I remember starting with "Fried Spinach" which was a greasy, icky mess. Can't remember the specific main dishes.

        2. It's the same people that own Splash at Longshore in Westport. The food has always been good at both, some dishes we love like the crackling calamari salad, anything they do with tuna, the swordfish with soba noodles, crispy spinach and a beurre blanc. We usually go to Splash because it's closer, but I always thought the food at Baang was a little better. As others stated, both places are very loud.

          1. Been 2 years since last visit but jfood has always had a good meal there. Mrs jfood had lunch there a while ago and she and the girls liked it as well.

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              Food was decent., but the place is way too dark and the music was fist pumping style and loud! (and I'm not even an older curmudgeoney person) was way too clublike for me.
              I like to actually see my food and be able to read the menu without the server holding a penlight on it for me, thanks anyway dude with penlight.

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                See, we liked that crispy spinach dish. I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder!

            2. Yes, good food , good cocktails, and lousy acoustics. It's been years, but also experienced major parking problems, at least back then.

              Always suspected they named it Baang because it was as earsplitting as an artillery range.

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                I hated the LOUD LOUD nerve shattering eye-ball rattling "house trip/hop" 'music' making any conversation out of the question. I think they just don't want Yankee blue-hairs in there...not that I am one but I won't go back since the food was good but the experience was really awful.

              2. I had dinner there 2 weeks ago and they have sushi now. It was really good. The rice was perfect! Wierd right ? That is usually the problem with sushi in c.t. and there is a lot of crappy sushi out there. The waiter told me the chef went to california and took a week long intensive class with a certified master sushi chef. They have a sushi menu that changes weekly. I agree with the other posters though; the music was over the top loud, but everyone at our table agreed the food was great .Rember this .anybody can can buy fresh fish -- perfecting the rice ...that's the real skill!

                1. My DH and I walked in 2 years ago for dinner and left after 10 seconds. It was way too dark and the music was ear splittingly loud. We're not blue hairs either, we were early 30's and had just moved to Greenwich after living in the UWS in Manhattan on the corner of Amsterdam and W.68th!!

                  Reading all these posts, it looks like loud music is the norm but I really would like to try this place. What about going at lunchtime? Would it still be loud music and a dark setting? I don't like restaurants that have such poor lighting in the evenings, makes me wonder why they don't want me to see the food.

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                    Go to Splash in Westport and eat out on the deck in the summertime. The menu is very very similar to Baang, but it is not as loud and obnoxious. If you eat outside it is very nice. They are open for lunch in the summertime only, but I'm not sure if Baang does lunch.
                    LOL on the "not wanting to see the food". That drives me nuts!

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                      one point on Splash is that inside the noise level is as bad as Baang.

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                        I disagree on that one...the bar is much smaller and it's a different type of crowd...and they don't have the same loud pulsing hip hop music. I will say that the tables are very close together and crowded, and I find that more annoying than the noise level at Baang. Sometimes chairs are pushed right against your back from adjoining tables...and god forbid there's only two of you and they put you on the banquette!
                        However, it is much more seasonal over there because it's in Longhsore...if you go in the winter and sit inside it's usually half empty and quiet. At least that has been my experience and we've been there many many times.

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                          the jfoods were offered a banquette, sat, and as you said it was horrible. they decided to wait for an outside table. but the times the jfoods were there it was very loud. jfood is pretty binary, once it crosses to "too loud" he loses the gradiation in the loudness.

                          And he only went to Baang mid week when, like your mid-winter experiences at Splash, the place was half empty.

                          Guess the recommendation is outside with good weather, inside when half full.