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Jun 22, 2009 08:28 AM

99 Ranch/Seafood City: Concord Chow getting even better?

Below is some promising news from the SF Business Times. Let's hope these projects truly happen!

Concord will welcome two new Asian-themed grocery stores this fall. 99 Ranch Market will open a 30,000-square-foot store in the Park and Shop strip center on Willow Pass Road. The chain has 10 locations in the Bay Area and recently leased space for a new store in the Rose Pavilion Shopping Center in Pleasanton.

Seafood City, which bought a former Circuit City site, is building a 63,000-square-foot retail center that will include a market, restaurants and service-oriented tenants. Seafood City’s focus is on Filipino food and products and will lease to other Filipino-themed tenants such as Jollibee and Chow King.

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  1. Did anyone go to the grand opening of Ranch 99? They opened on Tuesday, Sept 15, 2009. Parking was ridiculous when I got there around 7-8 PM! So many people were inside! The line to everything was long. It was pretty crazy to see, actually.

    Everything looked great, it was nice and clean. Let's hope they can keep it that way. The lines to the hot food were packed. The dim sum section looked good. I think this will definitely help the Park N Shop shopping strip. They really needed something to pick up businesses, and they haven't had that since Fry's opened up.

    I'm still waiting for Seafood City to open, though! Concord is getting taken over by Asians! lol.

    1. i believe a valerios opened a shop in concord, which is not unusual given that nearly every seafood city has a valerios somewhere nearby.

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        So Seafood City off of Diamond Blvd. in Concord (where Circuit City used to be) opened yesterday. Only the market is open for now, though. The restaurants (Chowking, Jollibee, Tokyo Tokyo) and other businesses aren't open yet.

        The market itself is nice and bright, and most importantly, clean! A lot of your favorite Filipino/Asian items can be found here. I noticed a lot of the workers from the Vallejo market are also working at this new place. One of my favorite things is that you can get your fish fried for free. My friend paid $2 for a whole tilapia and had them fry it.

        The parking lot is of decent size, but I'm sure it can get pretty busy. I can't wait until the restaurants open, though. I work just down the street from here, so I'm going to be visiting a lot during my lunch break. =)

        Seafood City
        31840 Alvarado Blvd Union, City, CA

        1. re: westcoaststyle

          Chowking just opened up yesterday (1/7/10) inside the Seafood City supermarket. There was a long line which ended up being a long wait as well. The only thing I ordered was their king-size halo-halo and taho. I'll have to go back and try their food, but I do like their Vallejo location.