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Jun 22, 2009 08:18 AM

Help! - Where to buy half smokes while Eastern Mkt is moving?

I'm hosting a nationals/red sox watching party for former boston people now living in DC, and I was hoping to serve half smokes from Canales over at Eastern Market (which are fantastic) and Boston beer (Harpoon, Sam Adams). I was pretty disappointed to see that the market was closed this past weekend, although happy the original facility will be reopening this weekend. Anyway...does anyone know somewhere other than Eastern Market (ideally around Dupont Circle), that sells uncooked half smokes?


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  1. In years gone by supermarkets east of 14th St. (ie in the "real" DC) normally carried them, the further east the better. IIRC there is a Giant near the O St market. Try that, and if that doesn't work you can surely get some over at the retail meat area of the DC Farmers market near Florida Ave/NY Ave. I wouldn't hold my breath about Dupont Circle however. That was probably never far enough east, certainly not in the last several years. But you never know!

    1. The Half Smokes sold by Canales come from Manger meat packers in Baltimore. There isn't a retail location at the plant. You might call and see where their closest, currently open, retail client is located.

      Manger Packing Corp.
      124 S Franklintown Rd., Baltimore, MD 21223
      (410) 233-0126, (410) 362-8065 fax

      Another Chowhound thread mentioned that they might deliver orders >25#.

      Maybe you can even reach Emilio the owner of Canales Quality Meats directly:
      202-547-0542 canalesqm[at]aol[dot]com for advice.

      1. Nobody else in DC carries uncooked Manger's halfsmokes. Canales is it.

        1. they re-open Friday, but in the meantime call Tortilla Cafe (Canales owned), while the temp facility was being built they had some of their usual things available there.

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            Totally appreciate the input... Just called Tortilla Cafe and it was a no go, at least the woman who answered the phone was very nice...

            1. re: congressionalfoodie

              You can buy half smokes at Shoppers Food Warehouse. They won't be as good as what you'd get a Canales, though.

              1. re: Steve

                I've tried the Gwaltney halfsmokes from Shoppers. They're basically just a big hotdog; the texture of the meat is smooth, not the coarse grind like Mangers. Also, the Gwaltneys don't have a natural casing, so you don't get the distinctive "snap" when you bite into them. They're cheap, though.

                The Gwaltneys are the "dirty water dog" style halfsmoke you find at the vendors on the Mall.

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  best consumed with "Chinese" style mustard IMO.

                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    The half smokes I have bought from Shoppers are from Capitol, not Gwaltneys.

                    1. re: Steve

                      Never heard of Capitol Brand halfsmokes. Which Shoppers were these at?

            2. I have no idea where one can buy half smokes, so the only thing I really have to add to this conversation is : GO SOX! :)