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Jun 22, 2009 08:16 AM

ISO: High-end wine/liquor store

I'm looking for a wine store with a good selection of German Rieslings, especially from producers in Nahe (Dönnhoff, Schäfer-Fröhlich etc.). Trockenbeerenauslese would be great in particular, though Spätlese would probably be easier to find. I'd also be interested in getting amontillado sherry, and I wouldn't say no to a selection of moderately priced Burgundies.

Limitations: the store must be in Boston and accessible by the T. I don't have a car atm, so I will have to use public transit.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Best fit I know is Gordon's in Waltham, they love Burgundies and import quite a few of their own at good prices, but not very T-accessible.

    I would go for Brookline Liquor Mart or Blanchcards in Allston. Tough to find any place with a really huge selection of Rieslings.

    Martignetti's on Soldier's field Road also does Rieslings, but not very T friendly either.

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      Gordon's in Waltham is hugely T-accessible! The 70 bus out of Central Square has a stop right there at Main and Prospect, and that line runs every 20 minutes.

    2. You might try calling Wollaston Wine to see if they have what you want. I have had pretty good luck there and they have placed special orders for me in the past. They're directly across from the Wollaston T station on the Red line.

      1. I don't know much about Rieslings or Amontillado (I'm mostly a French and Italian reds kind of guy), but three T-accessible downtown stores worth checking out. If they don't have what you want, they can all order it:

        Federal Wine (State and Congress) - doesn't look like much from upstairs, but they have a pretty extensive selection in the basement. Really knowledgeable (and talkative) guys. Most of their best bottles aren't really out on display, so best to go in with a little time on your hands and chat.

        Brix (Broad Street near the Boston Harbor Hotel) - nice, focused, slightly overpriced selection in very pretty digs. Probably my least favorite of the three stores, but I'd still be really pleased if it were my only downtown option. Of the three, they seem to be the most balanced in terms of international selection, with wines from Europe, US, and Southern Hemisphere.

        Wine Bottega (North End) - again, a small and focused selection of mid- and higher-end bottles. As you'd expect from the name, they lean Italian, but they have a surprisingly nice selection of French as well. I absolutely love the staff here, young, personable, and unpretentious, with some seriously good wine chops.

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          Second Federal Wine and Spirits - they also have free tastings every Wed. 5-7 in the basement. One of the wine guys is always around on those days - you could definitely chat them up.

        2. Brix is South End/SoWa - on the Silver line, I think

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            Brix now has two locations. I'd also try calling Charles Street Liquors (red line - charles / mgh) and possibly even the Wine Gallery in Kenmore. The Rt 9 location is far superior but I've found a few gems in the kenmore location. You might also give a ring to Bauer Wine & Spirits.

          2. The Wine Cask in Somerville has a selection of Reislings. Staff is very knowledgable and I find their prices to be reasonable.