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Jun 22, 2009 08:10 AM

Canyon Creek for Father's day - review

We had reservations for 7:30 on Saturday night but weren't seated till 7:45. We arrived early and saw other groups being seated and complained about it. The hostess offered us two free apps. We got the tuna and it was really good. The spinach dip was ok.

There were 5 people. 2 people ordered the special which was an 8 oz steak with chopped lobster on top. 1 person ordered the Chicago cut steak. 1 person ordered the cedar planked salmon and the other person ordered the penne rustico.

The steaks were very good. The salmon also got high points and the pasta was ok. I was very surprised that the steaks were good. The one with the chopped lobster in a cream sauce was one of the best I've ever had.

They meat and fish entrees came with a choice of 2 side. We all got mashed potatoes and they were ok.

For dessert we have a peach cobbler with caramel ice cream which was good and a pecan pie. The pecan pie was the most amazing one I've ever had. The filling was a caramelly sweet filling and it was so yummy. I love pecan pie and have it once in a while. If I ever start craving soem again, I am going back to Canyon Creek.

Overall the service was very good. Now I know this is a chain but I loved the food and so did my dad and my family and that was the most important thing to us. So don't knock down chains, you never know ;)

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  1. My wife and I love this place...we go to the Mississauga one...the customer service there is wife called the Assistant Manager over to compliment our hostess and afterwards the A/M came over with a free app voucher...we said it was not necessary but she insisted as they usually only get people complaining for feedback..oh...and the food has been great everytime there...I always get the double pork this place.

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        The one opposite Sherway Gardens.

        Our waitress was great!! We gave her a 30% tip and also told the hostesses that she did a great job.

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          Went to the same location once for lunch with a large group and had good food and service.

          1. re: Pincus

            I was there earlier this year for a business lunch and it was our ill fortune that one of the owners was in the booth directly across from ours and we were ignored as staff fawned over the other table. A sharp restaurant executive would have noticed this and sent his people to look after customers. The food was good, when we finally got it.

      2. Went here again last week and you know what, I LOVED the food! I know it is a chain. But they are so consistent. The service was good, the steaks were great and the pecan pie was out of this world. Definitely going back here.

        PS - staty away from Baton Rouge in North York!! Their Eaton Cetnre location is not bad but their North York location was awful! The steak sucked, the veggies that came with the steak were raw. Crappy food.

        1. Agreed that this place is great for a chain. I like hitting it after work since during the week they aren't too busy. (I've been going to the Scarborough location.)
          The rack of ribs are excellent if you like the 'fall off the bone' style.
          Also if you like blue cheese try the chophouse salad. It's quite decadent for a salad.

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            Went once to the Front St Toronto location-just ok food. Service was excellent. Fish with mashed potatoes and hollandaise was very bland even though oversold as a fabulous dish, fries were nothing special and chicken was dry and overdone. Steak and burger were by far the best items on the menu.

          2. The original comment has been removed