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Jun 22, 2009 08:04 AM

Downtown Atlanta recs

I'll be in downtown Atlanta next weekend for our yearly trip and would love to get the scoop on the latest & greatest. We're looking for atmosphere and great food! We would also like to walk if there is anything downtown that fits the bill. We love dining outside on the Ritz balcony but the food wasn't impressive last year. Is it any better now or are there better options?

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  1. Downtown has a lot of great options. The Ritz has renovated their lobby/bar area so it will be a lot different than you remember - it is very sleek now.
    For dining, French American Brasserie can't be beat if you are in the mood for French. BLT Steak opened recently at the W- it is top notch if you are craving some beef. Il Mulino also opened in the 191 building, directly adjacent to the Ritz Carlton and is your best bet for high end Italian. All these restaurants are within walking distance of your hotel. Have a great visit.

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      Have heard great things about BLT Steak and Il Mulino.

      I had a pretty poor experience at FAB and it consistently gets mixed reviews.

    2. I second the recommendation for FAB. It's very good French and has a nice romantic atmosphere -- though the big tv screen at the bar does spoil the mood a bit.

      Just behind FAB on West Peachtree Place is my current fave restaurant in Atlanta, called Social. Mediterranean and French inspired menu with great cocktails and a very nice interior space.

      I also recommend Peasant Bistro right off the West end of Centennial Park. It's a nice place for a dinner and a stroll.

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        I had lunch at Social yesterday thanks to your rec. It was tasty....split two sandwiches with a friend, the burger and a french style with french fries and one with couscous.

        Looking forward to trying dinner one of these days. The menu looks interesting and not overpriced.

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          We're going for dinner tomorrow night. My wife has already been and I'm looking forward to it.

          If OP is into good cocktails, the bar at the downtown W (Drinkshop) is doing some cool stuff. Certainly at W prices, but you get some gee whiz for that.