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Jun 22, 2009 07:58 AM

Rehoboth Beach mid-price restaurants?

Going to be in Rehoboth Beach, DE for a week in mid-July: me, the wife, three kids. It's been several years since we've been there, and since our kids are bringing along a friend this time, we're looking for suggestions for some decent mid-price restaurants (we're planning to hit Grotto Pizza and Fins for sure). The kids are pretty flexible and will eat most any cuisine. Would also not be opposed to trying places in Lewes or Bethany, although restaurants in Rehoboth would be our first choice. Thanks!

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  1. Dewey now has a Jimmy's Grille. Here is an article about Jimmy's from our local newspaper:
    Five Guys on Rehoboth Avenue is good and affordable. Surf Bagel in Lewes is a great place for breakfast.

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      KingCrabLouieIV, I was reminded of Adriatico's great specials. We have never had a bad experience at either Adriatico location.

    2. Big Fish Grill on Route 1 was likely not there the last time you were in Rehoboth. Good food, big portions, popular with families, reasonable prices.

      A meal at Jimmy's Grille should be on everyone's agenda too!

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          The same people who own Big Fish also own the Summerhouse Saloon (228 Rehoboth Ave.) The sous-chef has told me he prefers working at Summerhouse because he's given a freer hand with the specials.

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            We've tried Summerhouse since the current ownership took over. It's also a good choice in the midprice range.

        2. I agree with the Big Fish suggestion. My family eats there quite a bit with our young niece and nephews because we enjoy the food and it's kid friendly. Grotto Pizza Grand Slam in Lewes has video games, air hockey, etc. to occupy the kids so we go there a fair amount too. Five Guys and Surf Bagel are also two good suggestions that have already been put forth . . . You might also try Nalu in Dewey:

          1. Look at the Cape Gazette's restaurant specials (local newspaper). There probably won't be much during July, but take a look.

            Arena's usually has a burger night, even during the summer, and their platter is really big enough for two. The atmosphere in the Rehoboth location is fun, for a group, if you don't want to hear each other too well. There is a new location with an outside patio on Rt 1 between Dewey and Rehoboth (right beside Big Fish Grill, which is another good choice, as folks have said).

            Stoney Lomen: see if there are specials on weeknights. If you like fish, it's a decent place for the money.

            Mariachi: Spanish and Latino
            It has an upstairs rooftop dining area, a half-block from the ocean. We had a good meal there two years ago. It wasn't too expensive, then. Much more reasonable than most restaurants in town, and the rooftop setting made it very nice, and probably fun for kids. It hasn't been discovered, so you might have some luck getting a table in July.

            Italian: I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but as you come off the main highway into Rehoboth, in the first little shopping center on the left (east side, the same center with Beautiful Foods), there is a small Italian restaurant. We have had several good meals there.

            Boardwalk Food:
            Don't miss the french fries. George's Lunch on the boardwalk south of Rehoboth Ave or Beach Lunch on the boardwalk north of Reh. Ave.

            Pizza: The best way to have a slice of Grotto Pizza is to order a "cut" and eat it on the boardwalk, or order a pie and take it down on the sand. Just keep it protected from the seagulls. Don't eat in the restaurants; the atmosphere isn't so great. If you want pizza for supper, get it delivered and add a homemade salad, just like at home. Or go to Grand Slam Grotto north on Rt 1 (as the other poster suggested), and just go with the feel of a Chuckie Cheese crossed with a bar. It's okay, actually, and better than the ambiance at the beach Grotto restaurants.

            Breakfast out:
            Retro Cafe. Friendly service. Large portions of good food.. Split an order between two people. Indoor and outdoor seating, 1/2 block from the ocean. Please note, I don't mean greasy breakfast food, I mean pretty good food. Eggs and such, yes, but it's not Bad Diner food.

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              The "small Italian restaurant" consaacs mentioned above is Casa DiLeo, at 721 Rehoboth Ave (302-226-8660). They serve some of the best pizza in town, in my opinion, and my partner remembers their eggplant parmesan as being very good. The Veal Marsala is the priciest entree, just short of $20 - the average entree runs under$15. And they cater - they've supplied lunch to the store where I work, and everyone was pleased.

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                The Casa DiLeo pizza is our favorite in Rehoboth. We were waiting once for our take-out pizza and the lady thought it was taking too long so she poured us a glass of wine on the house. We had not complained but she insisted. They are very nice people.
                In Lewes, our favorite pizza place is Villa Sorrento.
                On the boardwalk, Louie's is our favorite pizza.

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                  I will second both Casa DiLeo and Louie's. In fact, I have a Louie's bumper sticker on my car. 8<D

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                    I grew up eating Louie's! That was when his place was south of Rehoboth Ave.
                    I'll have to give it a try again, now that it has resurfaced in the former Beach Luncheonette (sp). Thanks for the memories.
                    Pat I.