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Jun 22, 2009 07:55 AM

New Snowball Place on Freret- serves Real Fruit Juice

Does anyone know the name or exact address? I had the business card but lost it...oops!


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  1. All weekend my husband and I lamented that there aren't enough cold drink beverage options in Nola, so I'd be really interested in finding a place that serves real juice. I'm sorry I can't help but will watch to see if anyone else does.

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      The place at Roosevelt and Vets in Metairie has all homemade syrups. He's been there for over 40 years.

      1. re: mrsfury

        I meant to say Roosevelt and Airline, sorry about that.

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        a new player on the scene, Green Goddess, has a full menu of cold drinks & juice concoctions. i havent tried any but you may wish to check them out. page 2:

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          I believe the OP was referring to Beaucoup Nola. Not sure if it's open yet in its permanent space, but they had a stand at the last Freret Market. If I'm being honest, both my girlfriend's and my own snowball were terrible, almost flavorless, so maybe there is something to be said for "fake" juice.

      3. Beaucoup Nola is open... .we opened yesterday actually... and as far as the bad tasting juice snoball comment... Hopefully they will come by now that we have a nice kitchen to work out of. Markets were experimental juice-making for us... as we got our feet wet...

        Now I am 100% confident that our juice snoballs will be yummy. It's true that some people will prefer a syrup "fake" snoball..... and that's cool....

        but for anyone who isn't all about artificial flavor and tons of suga... check us out...
        4719 Freret Street
        in between Napoleon and Jefferson

        have a beaucoup good day!

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          I've missed "juice" snowballs since the old Sno Wonder closed down (Magazine st). SW used Knudsen's juices...the strawberry lemonade was my favorite.

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            That's it! Will stop by tihs weekend! What are your hours??

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              I respect taking the criticism head-on. I'll have to give it a second chance.

              1. re: mikemill

                I went in yesterday (second day open, I think), and thought it was pretty good. They had an interesting selection of juices and the combo I tried (kiwi and strawberry) tasted fresh. The guy working there was super friendly.

                I got a squeeze of condensed milk on top (pretty sure there was no extra charge) and I think it wouldn't have been sweet enough without that. Probably just the nature of pure fruit juice.

                I'll certainly try them again. With this heat, I need lots of cold option. They said that for a dollar upcharge you can get a straight glass of juice.

                No doubt they'll have to work out some kinks, but it looks like a welcome addition. It's also nice to see more activity on Freret Street.

            2. I just discovered Plum St Snowballs has a few real juice options. My 1.5 year old wasn't too thrilled with the grapefruit juice snowball, but I found it refreshing.

              You can always just buy a cup of plain ice and put whatever juice you want on it.

              1. Just want to let you all know that Beaucoup Nola a full juice well as snoballs, we can juice up many different varieties of fruits and veggies. At affordable prices,

                Please come check us out...

                Dylan Williams - Co-Owner