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Jun 22, 2009 07:38 AM

Night out in West Palm Beach

My wife and I have a night out without the kids in the West Palm Beach area. We know about the Breakers; we're looking for something different, and we don't mind spending some money. What's worthwhile? Thanks! Ciao!

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  1. My husband and I ate at Forte on Clematis a few weeks ago and really liked it. We started out at, hm can't remember the name... the Cuban place east of the fountain on Clematis with really good mojitos and ceviche. Then walked west to Forte and had an excellent meal.

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    1. It's Palm Beach Restaurant Month, so if I were you I'd take advantage of the three course dinners for $35 at some great restaurants. The link below will have them all but I would rec Cafe Boulud, although with the limited menu I guess it depends on what each is offering. You'll have to call for most menus, but you can see Cafe Boulud, Renato's, and Ta-Boo's menus online by clicking on their names at the page below.

      1. There is also Flavor Palm Beach, the website is Last year it was the month of September and there were restaurants in boca, west palm, gardens... forte and cabana too, plus 3 forks, seasons 52 and more for the fixed price deal. 20 lunch/ 30 dinner and it was fun since they were all busy not dead like usual.