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Jun 22, 2009 07:29 AM

Quiche with Egg Beaters?

Does any one have a recipe. Is the texture dense or custardy. I will be using an aready made pie crust.


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  1. Since Egg Beaters are just egg whites with emulsifiers, a quiche made from them will definitely not be custardy or dense. It will be lighter and fluffier.

    There are loads of recipes through google.

    1. i make my quiches with eggbeaters all the time - i have not noticed any adverse effects on the finished product. i think 1/4c equals one egg so use the same amount as eggs called for - there are a million recipes if you google it and a few different techniques (mostly egg quantity variations, off the top of my head) which probably lead to denser, fluffier or custardier versions so i would test a few out (its a pretty cheap to make, especially with left over veggies and cheese).

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      1. re: bflobear

        Yes, they can be quite good. So can frittatas.

        But -- by definition -- without the yolks, the finished product is quite different than a "traditional" quiche.

        1. re: C. Hamster

          but still delicious ;)
          my BF has a nasty egg sensitivity which isnt so bad with the eggbeaters, although weve had some luck with farm fresh eggs (under 60 days old).