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Jun 22, 2009 07:09 AM

Visiting Phoenix/Scottsdale: Must eats?

Hi. We will be visiting phoenix/scottsdale for a week. Staying at the JW Marriot. We used to live in N. Scottsdale, but haven't been back since 2000, and are not sure if our favorite places are still around, or any good.. Apart from Jack in the box tacos (lol) where are some must eats? Especially Mexican, Thai, and a 'nicer' restaurant. Willing to drive for good food.

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  1. Which JW Marriott?

    There are two:

    JW Marriott Desert Ridge in northeast Phoenix
    JW Marriott Camelback Inn in Paradise Valley

    1. Mexican: try Frank & Lupe's in downtown Scottsdale (just north of Indian School on Marshall Way)
      Thai: go to Malee's Thai Bistro on Main just west of Scottsdale Road (also in downtown)
      Nicer restaurant: so many options here, but some newer places I'd recommend - J&G at The Phoenician (great food and amazing views), Estate House along the Scottsdale Waterfront canal in downtown, or an old favorite is Cowboy Ciao.