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Jun 22, 2009 05:56 AM

Picnic food UWS- kid friendly

Hi Attending a pot luck picnic on the UWS and am looking for suggestions on where to pick up something that will be a crowd pleaser, but not too expensive. I always seem to be the one that leaves with no one touching their dish... It's in the 80's, I know I can stop at Fairway---but what should I get, and where should I get it! Thanks!

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  1. You can get absolutely delicious salume at Salumeria Rossi along with fresh bread from Grand Daisy Bakery and cheese and olives from Zabar's. Everything is artisinal but approachable enough for kids.

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      Well meats from Salumeria Rossi will be on the expensive side..

      The humus place is in expensive and I am sure if you called ahead of time they would have some catering suggestions for you.. Like a tray of falafel or a big thing of humus and homemade pitas would be good.