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Jun 22, 2009 05:35 AM

I have 2 hours in Cork City

Bus Layover on my way to Schull/Goleen/Skibereen area for my sisters wedding. My first question is if there is anything outstanding walking distance to the bus terminal (is this a sketchy part of town?) Also, aside from the wedding itself in Schull I have 4 days in the area with access to a car. Any must trys in Schull and Goleen? As an American I am used to driving 45 minutes to an hour if it is worth it.

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  1. In Cork city, a genuine (there for years) and unique (nothing like it anywhere in Ireland) experience is to be had at the English Market, off Patrick St (for directions ask anyone). You can grab a bite at one of the stalls or in the Farmgate Cafe inside.
    When in Schull, the view from the sea is the best so you MUST take a long ferry ride on Roaringwater Bay over to Baltimore for mussels and frites at La Jolie Brise. There's also the ferries to Cape Clear island or Sherkin island for sandwiches and a pint of Murphy's.
    And if you get the weather, you may never leave.

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      Thanks for the info. Looking forward to visiting. I went to Dublin years ago on my honeymoon, but this will be my first visit to a rural area. Excellent tip on the ferry, will do it and report back (mid July)

    2. I'd recommend a great restaurant called "Augustine's" on Washington Street. Had a great meal there recently. Not cheap though.

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        cool. I'll check it out. Do you mean $40 entrees or $20? Its a celebratory week so I have been saving up so I could do it right.

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          You'd be looking at about 25-30 euro for a main course. Three courses and a bottle of wine will set you back about 120 euro in total. It's about 15 minute walk from the bus station which is not sketchy at all.

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            Thank you for the help. In the U.S. bus stations tend to be in less desirable neighborhoods,

      2. I've devoured two great vegetarian meals at Cafe Paradiso. They have moved from Western Road to Lancaster Quay:

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          I agree with the greatness of the food at cafe paradiso! It hasn't moved though, Lancaster Quay is a continuation of Western Road, which if your coming from the city centre is actually Washington St! It's a Cork thing, boy!

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            The menu looked great online. I hope to be able to eat there. I don't have a good grasp of Cork city geography, is it walkable from Purcell bus terminal?

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              Cork is a very walkable city - from the City centre it is no more than 20 minutes walking.

        2. I would highly recommend The Good Things Cafe in Durrus (a small village about half an hour from Schull). Really great food and atmosphere.

          1. The best food in Schull is at the Bunratty Inn, right on Main Street. If you go farther afield, stop in at Longfella's Restaurant on the N71 in Rosscarbery: worth the trip.