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Tribeca Midweek Lunch with Kids

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All - I have been searching Tribeca lunches, and have seen some great places, but I need somewhere to take 6-8 year olds. Mac and Cheese, or Grilled Cheese a must.

Walkers looks good, so does Landmarc - I am not sure about those for kids.

Any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. Bubby's is definitely family-friendly. Both mac 'n' cheese and grilled cheese are on the kids' menu.


    I've not been to Landmarc, but it is known to be family-friendly.

    1. Kitchenette!
      156 Chambers Street

      1. Landmarc is perfect for you. They have a kid menu with, you guess what? Mac and Cheese and Grilled Cheese!

        And their desserts are pretty good too, so it works for your kids AND you!

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          and the kids get cotton candy!

        2. Landmarc actually works well with my location.

          All the other suggestions look great as well. Bubby's would have been my first choice, but is a little out of the way.


          1. http://www.kidsrestaurantweek.com/nyc... !!

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              Yes! Def take advantage of Kid's Restaurant Week. Off the top of my head, I know that Bar Artisanal is participating.


            2. Landmarc = PERFECT.

              Great, sat outside.