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Jun 22, 2009 05:14 AM

Angeethi in Herndon - Report

This is a handsomely decorated Indian place (did it used to be a Korean restaurant?) that was clearly popular for Father's Day. The service is attentive and the food is handsomely served. I don't know if the special occasion produced the same kind of problems as Valentine's Day , but the experience was below average.

The papadam chat came out a too soggy, and the tandoori chicken on the bone was all dried out. I have never had a chicken thigh that dry.

I was not happy that two of the items we ordered , mater paneer and a vegetable balti, were identical in preparation. When they were served, one in a pan with a flame underneath (!) and one in a copper bucket, they looked exactly the same. I asked if the bucket was additional balti..... the server could have warned us that these selections were so similar.

Furthermore, the green pepper sauce served at the table was too mild and the tamarind sauce too sweet. To drink, the coconut lassi and the chai were both very good.

Nice place, but I missed the tandoori chicken at Punjab Dhaba in Falls Church, It's a dive, but the chicken comes out phenomenal every time.

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  1. Steve - thanks for the report. We had heard good things but hadn't made it there yet. It did used to be a Korean place - very good but not well attended. Before that it was a Black Eyed Pea. I think it's a death location.

    Have you made it to Mayuri in Reston, yet? It's very good to us and all our friends.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      I had a meal there in February. It was bad. The "fresh" vegetables in the curry were canned peas and carrots. A real misrepresention. A branch just opened in Bethesda (where I live). It won't be on my list.

      1. re: jeb

        Just to clarify - you're referencing Angeethi, right?

      2. re: Dennis S

        Haven't been to Mayuri yet. I was attracted to Angeethi to try their Balti dishes, but the one I ordered turned out to be nothing special.