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Jun 22, 2009 04:50 AM

In Chicago for long weekend...

Hello! My friends and I are going to be in Chicago this coming weekend for their annual food festival. However, we would like a good restaurant to go to for Sunday Brunch before we leave for home. Any suggestions? We are staying at the Avenue Hotel in downtown Chicago. Since time is limited, we would need a resto close by and/or accessible by subway. Thanks!

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  1. Try West Egg Cafe, on the corner of Ontario and Fairbanks. Excellent food. Very close to your hotel.

    1. Here are four options i enjoy - three are in gold coast and are a leisurely 10 minute walk from your hotel.

      Cafe des Architectes: Located in Sofitel hotel. A tad pricey but I think worth every penny – a great value. French press coffee is exceptional. Great pastries. Very good service. I really enjoy it there.

      20 East Chestnut Street, Chicago, IL‎ (Gold Coast)
      (312) 324-4063‎

      The Original Pancake House – Chain restaurant, but is franchised and with some owners producing a great product. Plain and simple, the Pancakes are amazing. Try the 49’ers or Swedish if you like them thin. They also have rich apple pancake. The other items are not too shabby either. Good coffee. On weekends, can be very long lines at gold coast location. No reservations
      -22 East Bellvue, Chicago, Illinois 60611, 312-642-7917 (Gold Coast


      Feast - Gold Coast - traditional and unique breakfast items. outdoor seating.
      25 E. Delaware
      Chicago, IL 60611

      C-House Restaurant (few blocks from your hotel)- last time i was there, nine months ago, the food was great but the place was DEAD.
      166 E. Superior Street
      Chicago, IL 60611

      1. I hate to admit it, but the Cheesecake factory and the Grande Lux Cafe both have awesome brunches.