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Sep 13, 2004 01:59 PM

Monterey Hill Steakhouse query

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Was driving home recently, and noticed this restaurant. It looked like this place would have an amazing view. How is the food/prices?

With a view like I expect it has, I am sure you are paying for the view in addition to the food, but is the place worth it for a special occassion?

Thanks alot

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  1. I work right adjacent to Monterey HIll -- yes amazing views of both the 710 and the 10 freeway (you can find out about SigAlerts BEFORE you hear about them on the radio!), and very mediocre food, with pretty high prices.

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      I love the food there. I don't see how it's mediocre but it's personal preference I guess. People at Chowhound are hard on their reviews of restaurants.

    2. The early bird specials are worthwhile. If you order before 6 pm you get your choice of beef, fish or chicken items for something like $11. These are well worth it, and if you can plan your gathering to start before 6 pm it will be quite economical.

      1. I go to "The Hill", as it is referred to by those who work in the area, regularly for happy hour. Lots of decent free Happy Hour food. The view is all freeway, a courthouse, and the old, empty ladies jail, although they have a pleasant enough balcony to sun yourself on even if the view isn't all that. The food, however, in terms of a lunch or dinner destination is not good. Kind of heavy and greasy, second rate quality.