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"Throwdown with Bobby Flay" ... what would you want Bobby to challenge you to?

Let's say Bobby Flay were to "surprise" you and challenge you to a throwdown ... what dish of yours would you want Bobby Flay to challenge you to?

Me? I'd go with my boiled fish dumplings or "niu ro mein" (Chinese beef noodle soup).


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    1. Bermuda Fish Chowder or Cassava Pie!!

      1. Judging by the vast difference of opinion on his new burger place endeavor......hamburger and fries should be an easy way to handle him.

        1. I would whip his butt - Chicken Parmigiana!

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            Jambalaya. My crawfish and sausage jambalaya always gets rave reviews. I can only imagine Bobby Flay would beat mine, but it would be a fun day. Jambalaya and Abita beers all day long.

            1. re: jacobp

              They already did jambalaya and IIRC, Bobby's was a fiasco. His rice did not turn out well.

          2. I would say... but I do not want to violate the "no bashing the hosts" rule number 4,789.

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              1. re: Fritter

                Is that bashing? I thought it was stating a fact ;)

            1. ooh, good topic!

              hmmm, i could get into trouble with this since he IS the pepper/spice guy, but perhaps my CH-approved Spicy Black Bean Dip...?

              others: granola, muffins, frittata.

              bring it on!

              1. Pad Thai!

                EDIT: I just saw in another thread that there actually was a Pad Thai throwdown. I missed that one.

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                  Chicken Soup.

                  He would have no idea what he would be getting himself into.

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                    i hear locally that the pad thai place in herndon where bobby lost has now seen a terrible decline in the quality of its pad thai!

                  2. Leg of Lamb...mine is tops!

                    1. After jfood kicks his butt with a simple roast chicken

                      Take that!!!!!

                      BTW - jfood loves BF

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                      1. Braised lamb shanks and mine are in a coffee mole sauce.

                        1. French Onion Soup, that is one dish that is a lot harder to make than you think.
                          I mean really really good French Onion Soup, one that makes you forget it's soup and gives you that all over good love feeling.

                          1. Sausage gravy....my sausage gravy kicks ass and takes names later. Those who know me from Chowhound know that I'm not one of the best cooks here (an understatement to say the least....I'm amazed at the talent represented on the Home Cooking board), but I will put my sausage gravy up against anyone's.

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                            1. re: Janet from Richmond

                              Mmmmm. For me, though, it has to be spicy sausage.

                              1. re: Janet from Richmond

                                I'd love to pair your gravy with my biscuits, my biscuits make you wanna slap somebody
                                :-) I'd love to challenge Bobby to a biscuit throwdown.

                              2. My roast pork and kraut, cinnamon rolls or bagels

                                1. Breaded Pork Tenderloin sandwich. Only because I would love to see his take on it.
                                  Or Steak De Burgo. Not likely he has ever heard of it, so again, love to see his version.
                                  I get a lot of ideas from Flay. Love to see him do some of the stuff that I do.

                                  1. can I beg you for your fish dumplings and beef noodle soup. The soup is something I would crave. Really would love to have it. Do you have any photos by the way??? I love pictures. Just like a little kid...

                                    1. Although I would assume that all challengees on the show have requested to participate, and as such it's not a huge suprise when Mr. Flay shows up - the concept of the show (no matter how pre-scripted) always seemed incredibly obnoxious to me.

                                      Who does this guy think he is? I mean, the whole concept of a successful chef showing up unannounced and "throwing down" at little mom-and-pop restaurants seems rather mean. If I were a professional boxer, and I made an entire TV show where I showed up at the homes of random people, and punched them in the face, people would be horrified.

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                                      1. re: strags

                                        You're assumption that all challengees is likely wrong, as some of them were none to happy at first. The donut guy had a freakin temper tantrum. It was classic.
                                        If I'm a mom and pop place, and some judge is tasting my food, comparing it to the food of one of the most famous chef's in America, and says it'sa tough call, all during a 30 minute commercial for my place on The Food Network, I'd think I had died and gone to heaven.

                                      2. I know its been done already, but i would CRUSH Bobby in a pulled pork throwdown. Than i would take Booby to my golf course and see if he faired any better their. Friends in the business that know Bobby all say the same thing, he s great person.

                                        1. sour cream pound cake, recipe from my aunt mary.

                                          bobby would lose when he put pureed chipotles in the batter.**

                                          (but i'd love to meet him!).

                                          ** you know what, hounds, i absolutely KNOW that some of you just said to yourself, "hmmmm....chipotles in sour cream pound cake....maybe that *might* work...."


                                          1. Kamo nabe, pieds de mouton sauce remoulade, laab, cioppino, or tamales.

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                                            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                                              You've lived in so many tamale-loving nations, which kinds do you make?

                                            2. A game of beach volleyball, followed by an oyster eating contest.

                                              1. Pizza! He's already gotten his butt kicked once at this. I think I'd have a good chance at making it twice.

                                                  1. Sturgeon. That's right, baby, s.t.u.r.g.e.o.n If the husband and the boy don't quit catching them, I am going to have a sturgeous breakdown.

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                                                    1. Poutine, baby! He doesn't know how to make the fries properly, he'd probably try to use some fancy cheese that won't melt properly instead of plain old curds, and for sure he'd try to gussy up the gravy with cognac or something., since he apparently never leaves well enough alone.

                                                      The end result would be a mish-mash of competing flavours without the simple, unpretentious taste of a real poutine. If they had the throwdown anywhere in Quebec, he'd lose by a street.

                                                      1. I would challange him to sitting out in the sun to see which one of us with pasty white irish skin can burn faster. I would lose!