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Jun 21, 2009 10:27 PM


Looking for a family style Italian restaurant that was located in either Hayward or San Leandro, CA many years ago--Name was BANDEROS.

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  1. Think you mean Banchero's.

    Banchero's Italian Dinners
    20102 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94541

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    1. re: lexdevil

      I did mean Banchero's. Thank you very much!!
      Do you happen to know any one who has been there lately--and their opinion of it?

      1. re: elie

        It serves the same food it always did. Family style and several courses. It is consistent for what they serve and very reasonable for the amount of courses. It is always busy and they do a huge take out business. If you went there before and liked it, I would imagine it would be the same as you remembered with slightly higher prices. It's been serving I think since the 30's and family owned. It is one of the few old family style restaurants left in the bay area.

        1. re: elie

          We have not been there lately because it was disappointing for us. We usually try the minestrone and that was too watery for us. Maybe there is something that is better to order than regular spaghetti which we tried. Maybe it has improved in the last year or so, but we have not gone back to find out.

          1. re: yerioy

            their "minestrone" is chicken/beef broth with pastina and some vegetables..a very light soup but the same one they've always served. If you had spaghetti you ordered the wrong thing. they cook pasta until it almost disappears. (My friend's 4 year old loves it)Since ravioli/spaghetti combo is part of the is better to order all ravioli with meat sauce for that course. Even better is the pesto cream sauce on the ravioli. I've been going there all my life and just found out about the pesto a few years ago. For entrees the simpler is better, fried chicken (which is really like a baked chicken and always what I breading) and the roasted potatoes and swiss chard is delicious which comes along every main course. The fresh seafood is good and steaks are popular. Just stay away from the spaghetti as a main course. It is a return to the past when these types of places were around..if your order simply you can have a good meal at reasonable prices that you just can't find like this anymore.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          heartell the health department or some agency wanted some upgrades/remodeling done.
          opposite the sam wo scenario in s.f., banchero's decided to close instead.

        2. Banchero's is closed forever.