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Jun 21, 2009 10:00 PM

Starving Student in NYC

Would really appreciate your help! My 17year-old daughter will be attending Parsons this summer on a very limited budget. Meal plan only covers 10 meals or so a week, so she's looking for some inexpensive, but tasty hole-in-the-wall restaurants around Chelsea, where she will be staying. . .any ideas would be wonderful and appreciated!

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  1. Get her a monthly subway pass and have her go to THE dumpling house in Chinatown (Vanessa's) and she can get super full with a drink for less than 5 dollars =)....and it's only slightly unhealthy, or she can hit up and Gray's Papaya, for 3.50, two juicy dogs and a shake, it's legendary.

    I'm not sure Chelsea has "hole-inthe-wall" places for cheap =/, but if anyone knows, I'm all ears as well =)

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      Or the superior Prosperity Dumpling House at 46 Eldridge - 5 pork and chive dumplings for $1, and a $1.50 "sesame pancake with beef", which is actually an extraordinarily delicious beef and veggie sandwich.

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        Nearby, Manhattan Heroes on 27th and 7th - she can get an enormous heap of food (rice, beans, chicken) for under 8 dollars which would easily make two meals.

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          The sesame pancake with beef is one of the best deals in the city.

      2. HLing's recent find could be just the ticket:

        Also Grand Sicuan International at 24th and 9th is excellent and not very expensive.

        1. Vanessa's Dunmplings-30 packs range from 7-10 bucks
          14th Street between 2nd and third.

          1. there is an Indian deli on 9th ave around 20th/21st street that has cheap and very good Punjabi food. Stuff like samosa chaat for 4 dollars, entrees for $5, etc. I can personally recommend the samosa chaat but haven't tried their other stuff.

            1. Tip: If she gets chinese for dinner, to save $ have her buy it early off of the lunch menu....