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Jun 21, 2009 08:25 PM

Green Bean germination time

Planted a couple of rows of French Filet green beans 7 days ago. Watered every day...lots of heat High 80's everyday. Nothing popping up yet. Thinking maybe the seeds were old. is it too early to tell. i always thought beans were early to germinate? Should I re-plant?

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  1. My experience with beans is that high 80's is way too hot for them to germinate. I live in florida, and the first time I planted beans was in August, I was impatient to start my garden. Slow germination. Once the weather cooled they came up. Following years I wait until the highs don't reach much past 80 and have had much much better results, germination within a couple of days.

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      I agree too hot. I do early spring or september for beans. Difficult growing much with 110 heat indices. My tomatoes, peppers and peas are done, squash was done in May, Won't start again until late summer, early fall, September here.

      1. re: kchurchill5

        yeah, we're in the doldrums that is fla summer!

    2. According to my seed catalog 65-85 degrees is optimum soil temperature, days to emergence 8-16. I live on the So. Or. coast so mine take forever to germinate.

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        One trick that might help is to cover the soil with clear plastic sheeting for a week or two before planting and then recover until the the plants start poking through. Clear plastic is more effective than black for warming the soil (as opposed to the bits of air between soil and plastic) and speeds germination. Even with abysmally cold weather we had in Chicago in May and the first half of June this year, beans planted May 22 were coming through on May 25. The strip had been covered with plastic for a bit over a week. By cold I mean high temperatures in the 50s and 60s with very few days going over 70 accompanied by record or near record rainfalls.

        1. re: Eldon Kreider

          Unfortunately is you cover stuff down here in FL, they fry. 90 and feels like 110, beans will not germinate.

          If I use seeds I start in pots and then was started move. Seeds for me are too tempermental down here. So much easier with the pre start. I too have used the paper towel trick, nice call mudster. But trying to grow beans now, NO, I can't see it happening.

          1. re: kchurchill5

            My response was to someone in the southern coastal region of Oregon, not in Florida, where daytime high temperatures are unlikely to exceed 70 degrees at bean planting time. Gardening situations there are totally different from Florida although some things can be transferred from the upper Midwest.

            1. re: Eldon Kreider

              From MI originally. Yeah, Different regions are so opposite. I know what you mean. Down here it is tough to get anything to grow during summer.

              That part I do miss about up north gardening.

      2. One way to know for sure if it's your seeds is to sandwich a few between two wet paper towels. Keep them moist for 5-7 days. If they're viable, they'll sprout.

        1. Thanks for all the tips... still nothing. day 9.. I think I will re-seed. Planting here in Southern Canada...the season is short... to say the least.

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            I am out western canada planted beans June 1st saw them pop through probably a week ago. we are hot and dry out here. now if I can just get them big enough that the flea beetles leave them alone!!

          2. I planted beans one year, and 7 days is too soon to see them pop through the ground. Give them more water, and about 5-7 more days. Dig one up if you have to, and see what it's doing. I had the kind that needed stringing, so had the hubby put in a couple of poles that I could wire, then strung them. I think they were blue lakes. Not sure. But my oh my did I get nice beans. I live in an area where the summer gets pretty hot, 90s to 100s in the summer. Not everyday, but sometimes at days on end. I was gifted with lovely beans and even got a bumper crop in August! Just pick when they are the size of a pencil, or smaller. So good.

            I was gifted with some the other day, my son brought a small bunch over. They were actually too big, but I sliced them diagonally and cooked them with onion, garlic, salt and pepper, a fresh tomato sliced up and and a great big handful of fresh cilantro. We loved them...

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            1. re: chef chicklet

              I'm impressed, good for you. I've haven't been successful. Maybe the type. Many types out there to try. I'll have to try, would love some, have an empty pot to plant.

              1. re: kchurchill5

                kc, the U of F extension service has a planting guide that lists varieties that do best in Florida. Bush Beans: Here's the best varieties for various beans:
                Snap: Bush Blue Lake, Contender, Roma, Harvester, Provider, Cherokee Wax , Bush Baby, Tendercrop
                Shell: Horticultural, Pinto, Red Kidney
                Beans, pole: Dade, McCaslan, Kentucky Wonder 191, Blue Lake

                1. re: janniecooks

                  Replanted OSC French Filet Variety 6 days ago...... They are up today. The others must have been old seeds ..i guess
                  This variety is the absolute best...skinny, tender gourmet green beans about 5 inches long. I usually save the seeds if I can.
                  Thanks all!

                    1. re: easily amused

                      worth seeking out. good luck with them!