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Jun 21, 2009 07:29 PM

Europea lunch prix fixe?

i'm heading up to montreal from nyc this weekend for a week and plan on eating A LOT. my budget doesn't quite match all my cravings, so i was thinking of going to a superfancy place or two for their more affordable lunches and going cheap for dinner those nights. europea seems to get raves for a 3-course prix fixe lunch, but i looked at their website and only see a 2-course table d'hote - is this a change, or is the 3-course prix fixe just not advertised? if it's not around any more, would folks recommend perhaps decca77 instead? or someplace else? i like pretty much everything except for the heaviest of heavy foods (thinking of skipping au pied de cochon, for example).

any other tricks to save money and still eat very well are welcome!

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  1. I see a defiinite change in Europea's lunch menu. They used to have a prix fixe for $26.50, and it was exceptional value, but I last had it about 2 years ago. Why not go for their 2-course prix fixe and order dessert as an extra. The food there is always excellent.