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Jun 21, 2009 07:27 PM

Denver Brewing Scene

Recently checked Cheeky Monk Belgium Beer Cafe in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Anyone else brewing themselves in the area?

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  1. See . Many of these are microbreweries. In fact, I believe that Denver ranks up there w/ Seattle as an American microbrewery mecca.

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    1. re: ClaireWalter

      Well.... that list didn't provide a lot of information. I will reply with a small amount of info in hopes that a true brew-head will chime in and set the record mo-straightah.

      The mega-brewers:
      * Breckenridge brews their own beer and it's pretty swell stuff. They have several locations and I think the do all of the brewing and bottling at the joint on 4th and Kalamath.
      * Chophouse- they brew and I can't help but think they share product with
      * Rock Bottom brewing *and with*
      * Walnut Brewing- if you had beer at one of these 3 places you've had it at all 3. Same company and nearly the same concept.
      *Sandlot brewing at Coors Field is an extension of Blue Moon which is an extension of Coors (shocker). I'm not sure they brew there or just serve Blue Moon products?
      *Wynkoop brews and does a decent job- they are owned by whatever the Hickenlooper conglomerate is called (Wazee Supper Club, Cherry Cricket, etc...)
      *Great Divide brewing- they are big but have a friendly, cozy tap room as an extension of the brewery.

      Now for the true brewpubs:
      *Bull and Bush is a true brew pub in Glendale. Great stuff.
      *Ironworks in Lakewood does a nice job
      *Chesire Cat in Arvada- It's been a while but I loved the english-style offerings
      *Dry Dock brewing in Aurora is a beer maker paradise. Amazingly good brews and a shop for supplies attached.


      1. re: e_bone

        Golden City Brewery in Golden is fantastic.

        They tout themselves as "the 2nd largest brewery in Golden." It's a little house in the neighborhood with tables in the backyard and fabulous beer.

        1. re: margemayhem

          Great info! Love the tagline.

          If folks are going to Golden I suppose it's not *that* much farther to TommyKnocker in Idaho Springs.

        2. re: e_bone

          numerous breweries in the area, if the area includes more than just Denver (Boulder, Lyons, Longmont, Ft. Collins, Nederland)

          Avery Brewing
          Left Hand
          Boulder Beer
          Draft House
          Southern Sun/Mountain Sun
          New Belgium
          Oskar Blues
          Upslope Brewing
          Wild Mountain Smokehouse

          just off the top of my head

          1. re: e_bone

            At Bull and Bush, Wednesday is a dollar off on growlers.

            1. re: Veggo

              Actually, the Bull & Bush has 3 hours of happy hour on weeknights w/ half off their own brews and other special prices. See

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                And a dixieland band on Sundays...and serious meatloaf and mashed smothered with green...Dale, Dean, and Dave run a great local pub.