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Jun 21, 2009 07:21 PM

Suggestions for a week in N.O.

My wife and I are in New Orleans for a week and a half. This is the fourth summer we have been down. We are big fans of Herbsaint, Lilette, and Iris (looking forward to the new location!). Any other suggestions? Thanks for the local insight.

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  1. Don't overlook our better rest. for lunch. There are some terrific bargains. My husband had some free time last week so we tried Emeril's 3 course $19.50 lunch. Just outstanding. We had planned on lunching around town as we usually do when he's free. The food was so good, we returned 3 more times. We ordered from both the special and regular menu. Oysters of the day and smoked exotic mushrooms are a must for apps. Bacon salad from the reg. menu (also offered on the special menu but not the same). Pork chop, chicken and waffles, trout, all very good.

    1. Martinique Bistro
      La Crepe Nanou

      1. JazzyB is right about the lunch/dinner specials being offered (Bayona, Redfish, Ralph's), and you might also consider Rio Mar, Boucherie(old Iris location), One, Coquette.

        1. I'd add Patois to the list, lunch or dinner. And while I've seen many posts complaining about Luke, I've never had a bad experience there. And they do breakfast as well as lunch and dinner.

          1. +1 to Bayona for their anniversary lunch special: soup or salad, entree, 19-cent martinis: