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Jun 21, 2009 05:05 PM


I am going out to dinner with with two adult children and their boy and girl friends. I would like a restaurant that is moderately priced. Astoria is about half way for all to travel. Each and everyone likes Italian. we would likek to go out wed evening any suggestions from my fellow hounds.

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  1. Vesta, 30th Ave and 21st St. Search this board or Yelp for glowing reviews. Note that they're not quite as consistently brilliant as when they first started. I think that their seasonality shows that their chef's strengths are in fall/winter foods... But they source really excellent product, and have exemplary service.

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      Emphatically second the rec for Vesta, but keep in mind that it's not "traditional" Italian. Instead, it's a nice menu of rotating seasonal items, including small plates, salads, pizzas, meat/poultry, and one or so pasta dishes. If you are looking for more pasta-centric recommendations, others here have recommended Piccola Venezia, Trattoria L'Incontro, as well as others in nearby Long Island City. I've not tried Piccola and was not impressed by L'Incontro.