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Jun 21, 2009 04:46 PM

Olney Ale House - Grrrrrrr!

We recently ate at the Olney Ale House and I must say that it was a massive disappointment.

The quality of everything was so-so. The beef stew was salty, sour, had very little beef, and the veggies had the appearance of being cooked at least one day before. The ribs were stringy and had this acrid, overly potent sauce on them. The famous molasses oatmeal bread wasn't very fresh. The server was inept. He forgot to bring the salad that came with the entree. I reminded him...and then he forgot it again.

Worst of all, they have a side item listed as "Homemade Potato Chips". (They cost something like $3.25 per serving.) When they were brought out, it appeared that they were nothing more than bagged potato chips, poured onto a plate. I've had fresh potato chips before and these were just, plain fake! (Not a hint of potato skin, hot frying oil, or fresh preparation.)

Oh yeah...this place ain't cheap! A pathetic rack of ribs - $18.95, the beef stew (a small bowl, side salad, and two skimpy slices of brown bread) - $13.95. With a couple of soft drinks and the fake potato chips, the bill was almost $40.

Beware of this place!

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  1. I agree. The Ale House used to be pretty good. I went a couple of times in the last year and had the same quality/service issues.

    1. If you would have read the archives here before going, I'm not sure why you were disappointed. Your review pretty much matches all the other threads on this place.

      We went once before a show at the Olney Theater, probably 15 years ago, and had an equally awful meal. No idea how they stay in business.

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        They probably survive on alcohol sales.

      2. The food there has been marginal for decades.

        1. 20 some odd years ago it was a fine place. Changes in ownership wrecked the place. If all you want is a few cold brews, the place can handle that. If you desire to actually eat something, pick a different spot.

          We used to be once or twice a weeker's back in the 80's. Some of the dishes were truly great meals at a price that was surprising low for the quality. The house baked daily bread was outstanding. A Fried Chicken dinner was incredibly delicious & cheap, as was the ham slice dinner. That all changed in a big way, unfortunately. The new owners ruined the place. i tried it a few times some many years back, and will never do so again.