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Jun 21, 2009 04:45 PM

Looking for a non-dairy "buttercream" recipe

I have a question. I avoid making desserts with dairy and transfats, for kosher and health reasons respectively. (My sabbath meals are meat-based, hence the dairy restriction.) I have been making cake frosting with the non-dairy, transfat-free variety of Tofutti cream cheese, because it stays firm on cakes and cupcakes. I have wanted to try a "buttercream"-type frosting, but I notice that whenever my Earth Balance margarine is out of the fridge for even 10 minutes or so, it starts to soften up. Because of that, I haven't used it for frosting, for fear that it would start to "melt" on the cake. Does anyone have any experience with a tasty, non-dairy "buttercream" that uses transfat-free shortening or margarine. Any of you vegans out there, perhaps?

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    1. I've used Earth Balance in the fluffy "buttercream" recipe from "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World," which is pretty much a standard buttercream recipe but you beat it much longer with a mixer. This extra step does indeed result in a very fluffy buttercream, I think closer to a commercial bakery frosting in both texture and flavor than to a true buttercream (i.e., creamy). The frosting is fine at room temp, presumably because of the powdered sugar and soy milk/creamer--I've applied it with a knife and also with a pastry bag.

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        Just reporting back . . . I have now made this recipe three times. The first time, I had some shortening, but the second time, I realized I didn't and had no time to go buy some, so I made it with all Earth Balance. No problems whatsoever with melting out of the fridge. I piped the frosting on, and the cupcakes were out for close to a day before they were eaten at the Sabbath meal, and they were fine. And the all Earth Balance version tasted better, more "buttery" than the shortening/Earth Balance mix, so that's what I'm sticking with for now. By the way, I did not use any soy milk; the frosting was the consistency I wanted without it, so I left it out.