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Jun 21, 2009 04:44 PM

JG lunch tomorrow - ordering recs?

First time there. Menupages, with prior CH advice) shows several appealing mains (esp. skate Chalon and sweetbreads) and descrption of gnocchi makes me plan not to have them. But .. any app-type dishes you recommed -- and what about 2 dishes plus dessert instead or even, horror of horrors?, just 2 dishes, considering the extras?

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  1. definitely get the sweatbreads. also foie gras brulee and/or frog legs soup, as they're classics. people love the chateau chalon sauce, but im not crazy about skate. i much prefer the turbot with which that dish is served at dinner. i havent had either arctic char or the slow cooked halibut,but i hear they're both excellent, and they're also both on the dinner menu. also i'd avoid the squab. its tasty but i had tiny portions at lunch.

      1. I second the foie gras brulee recommendation. It's phenomenal. I also love the short ribs, although I'm not sure if it's on the menu right now. I usually get two courses plus dessert. I don't think two alone would be enough food.

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          Acc. to the menu on the website, the short ribs are off now.

        2. Short report.
          I got the recommendations after already donet J-G, so I ordered based on prior CH recommendations.
          First, food.
          Amuse: 3 red things, including a tiny panino of cheese, topped with 1/2 cherry tomato; the one memorable being a shotglass of tangy/slightly sweet strawberry and .. soup. I ordered young garlic and froglegs soup (nevery having had froglegs plus reviews) and sweetbreads. Soup - lovely smell and presentation - eating, I thought (I could make this)- not that I really could, fine texture, gorgeous, but that it wasn't that that different than chicken soup in taste - to me. Could have been moreintense and vivid. Sweetbreads with a citrussy sauce underneath. Sweetbreads wonderful crust and creamy. Only 2 pieces not huge.

          I had 2 "tastes" of wine - a beautiful vin gris rose and an Australian red, quite complex and vivid.

          Cheese assortment rather than dessert - 2 goat, one cheese. Beautiful presentation with walnuts, peach, fruit bread.1st goat, began with a C?) was like 2 cheeses, a creamy one circled by a regular texture cheese. The others were very good, that one spectacluar.
          Desserts and mignardises have been very discussed.

          Food and value opinion: The food was lovely but not spectacular, except the 1st cheese. Cheese course $24, almost as much as the 2 plate lunch. I was surprised at food potion sizes smallness. Except cheese, very generous sizes.

          Service/atmosphere: Service terrific - reminded me of France without the sometime servility of France; beautiful room and I had a great corner table to survey all.

          Bottom line: Would I go back? Maybe to take a special friend to lunch. Otherwise, I would rather try the other great restaurants - e.g., Daniel, EMP - as well as some of the great ethnic ones that may have vivid flavors more to my liking. Atmosphere is enjoyable but luxe atmosphere and service not important to me.

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            thanks for the report! I am looking forward to my second JG visit next month!!