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Jun 21, 2009 04:15 PM

Has anyone taken sushi classes at Coastal Seafoods?

I'm wondering if anyone's taken the sushi classes at Coastal Seafoods in Minneapolis? I'm signed up and am looking forward to it. Has anyone any words of advice from having taken these before? (Whether it's fully worth it, or so-so, or something to withdraw from?) Thanks!

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  1. I took the series of two classes a couple of years ago. If Nils is teaching, he is very personable and knows his topic well. The focus will be on teaching you to make sushi at home. There is likely to be a good variety of items to make and to taste.

    Since this is Coastal and not Cooks of Crocus Hill, there are two practical notes: (1) Wear comfortable shoes. The class is taught in Coastal's kitchen and while there are folding chairs, it's a little hard to see everything on the work surface unless you stand for most of the class. (2) Plan for dining without wining. When I took the class, they were not set up to offer wine with their food.


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      Thanks, KTFoley! I took a sushi class from Elizabeth Andoh at Cooks of Crocus Hill quite a long time ago and loved it 'cuz it was participation. But I'm looking forward to this even more now, even tho it sounds more demonstration. Bummers on the dining without wining. :)