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Jun 21, 2009 03:50 PM

Hell's Kitchen - Fantastic! MPLS - corned beef hash

I went downtown for breakfast this morning. Hell's Kitchen was packed! I have never been there before, but I assume that it is always that way. (just had that vibe) The stage had some people singing about Jesus and they were just finishing up as we were seated. There was a 45 minute wait that I completed at the bar while having two screwdrivers. My wife had a Bloody Mary. Drinks were good. I ordered the corned beef hash and it was real and delicious. I love corned beef hash and consider myself a connoisseur of fine corned beef products in general. I wish there were more places that served the real deal, maybe I just don't know of them. Suggestions welcome! My wife ordered the bison benedict; she said it was best benedict she had ever eaten. The service was amazing, very friendly and informative. Oh! The peanut butter was outstanding! I might buy some of that for home. I will definitely work more trips to Hell's Kitchen in my dining routine. I am now on a quest for more great corned beef hash!

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  1. Thanks for your review. I have to get down to Hell's Kitchen and give their hash a try (drools).

    I posted about McGarry's Pub in Maple Plain a little while back. I love their CB hash.

    1. You have to give the corned beef hash at Grand Cafe (38th and Grand, south Mpls) a try. Huge cubes of corned beefe, cubed baby red potatoes, onions, and the eggs of course. It comes with a grainy mustard mixed throughout, but I order the mustard on the side.

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      1. re: Brad Ballinger

        Brad, you order the mustard on the side so you can get EVEN MORE mustard, or, are you asking them to leave it out and give it to you on the side so you can add according to your own tastes?

        To the OP, yes, Hell's Kitchen does a great breakfast all around. The heuvos are good, the bison bread, the wild rice porridge (a cup is enough), the lemon ricotta pancakes...


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I didn't know how much mustardwould be mixed in, so I had it on the side in order to control it.

      2. Yep, I had the bison benedict when I was there and loved it as well. It was a peppered bison flank steak on a whole grain bagel or toast (I don't remember) topped w/ eggs and a tangerine jalapeno hollandaise....mmmmmmmmmmm.

        1. I've only been one time, but the peanut butter was way too salty for my taste. I was also disappointed by the serving sizes.

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          1. re: Enso

            Funny...I found the peanut butter to be too sweet.

            In terms of the portions, I think Huevos Rancheros are pretty good size. That's the only thing I've had there.

            1. re: Enso

              YES! The portions were REALLY SMALL. I didn't write about it originally because I thought maybe I was really hungry or just being a pig or something, but I asked for more corned beef when I finished my full plate with the eggs and all. The server came back with an equally small portion as the first but the two combined were just right. They charged $3.00 more for the "side of corned beef" It was totally worth it!

              1. re: princebaal

                I haven't loved everything I've had in Hell equally. But I have really enjoyed the wild rice porridge and the maple bison sausage.

            2. I find Hell's Kitchen breakfasts to be very uneven. I can count on lovely porridge, the lemon ricotta cakes, and the baguette w/peanut butter (yes, maybe a little sweet, but delicious nonetheless) and marmalade. The rest is a crapshot.

              I've had some decent egg preparations, but also some real imposters. I've had good hollandaise, and hollandaise that was close to solidifying. Consistently, always, without fail, the potatoes have been bad. And the last time I was there I tried the maple bison sausage. It tasted as though it'd been soaking in maple syrup all morning. I expected a much more subtle maple flavor.

              Anyway. For me, a breakfast place that screws up the eggs half of the time is not on my list of great breakfast spots. No matter how fabulous that porridge is, how great the space is, what a hoot Mitch O. is, or how beautifully the gospel singers are singing.

              Or maybe not. Now that I write that, I start feeling all gooey again about Hell's K and think oh hell, why not? After all, the eggs are cooked well at least half of the time, and if not, there's always more baguette to be had.