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Jun 21, 2009 03:49 PM

Kosher at the Grand Canyon?

Has anyone gotten kosher from the Flagstaff Chabad or any other source in the Grand Canyon area? Will not be traveling with an organized tour.

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  1. I was there a couple year ago. I was able to find enough to eat in flagstaff supermarkets for the day I was there(cereal, peanut butter, yogurt, etc...). Of course if you are there for a longer period of time you may want more variety. If you're driving up from Phoenix I'd recommend picking up some other options in Phoenix.

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      No. Driving from Vegas. First stop, North rim. Possibly going around South to Phoenix. Noticed Flagstaff Chabad does meals. Just want to hear people's experiences. Also, with young kids, is the North Rim sufficient? Especially if we don't like tourist crowds.

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        All I know about the North Rim is that it is the less popular Rim, so I imagine it would have smaller crowds. I can't say if it would be enough, but I presume you do know that it's over 200 miles from the North to the South Rim, so it seems like something you'd have to really decide one way or the other in advance. By the South Rim, we did perfectly fine with standard supermarket fare (tuna, peanut butter, canned baked beans, etc.), but we're very low-key eaters when on vacation out of Jewish communities, so I don't know how much you can rely on that. Also no kids, so that may also affect our more easy-going vacationing, food-wise.

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          Last August we traversed that exact route. We spent Shabbos in Henderson - a suburb of Las Vegas - at the Homewood Suites hotel just down the block and on the same street as a Chabad shul. We picked up EVERYTHING at Altertson's supermarket on Fort Apache in Las Vegas... everything one can find in L.A. or New York can be found at that Albertson's (even some items we had never seen in New York).. and some of the prices were very reasonable (unlike the prices at the kosher pizza shop in Las Vegas; in fact, the prices were so high there, we took a picture of the menu to show our friends). We picked up a cheap George Forman-type grill and toaster oven before Las Vegas, and we bought one of those plug-into-a-cigarette-lighter coolers at a truck stop just outside of Las Vegas on our way to the North Rim (we also bought the adapter that enables the cooler to be plugged into the wall) , and we were good to go. We stayed in a beautifully rustic cabin at the North Rim, rode mules, got sore, hiked, got more sore, and had a fantastic time. [Gee - perhaps it really DOES pay to be in shape.] On the way back to Las Vegas, we spent some time at Bryce Canyon National Park , stayed overnight at a fabulous motel - the Cliffrose Lodge - just outside the entrance to Zion National Park (the grounds were a beautiful garden with a sparkling pool and an outdoor 24-hour jacuzzi with a waterfall!). We had a room with a separate bedroom, a kitchen, and a murphy-bed in the living room (the kids loved opening that.). We enjoyed Zion National Park the next day (and were surprised to see some Chabad bochurim helping Israelis put on tephilin just outside Weeping Rock). We then went back to Las Vegas for more food before we drove to L.A. All in all, a KILLER vacation. It should be noted that 25 years ago, there was NOTHING in Las Vegas for Jews, and I mean nothing! On our honeymoon cross-country drive, we had to make a detour to Phoenix as there was no mikvah in Las Vegas at the time, let alone even one kosher restaurant! Wow... how times have changed. Enjoy your trip!

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            That was so helpful! It was exactly what we needed. Thank you so much.

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              I'll second midasgold. It's been nearly 8 years since I went (was pregnant then so didn't have quite the same child problem) but Phoenix and Vegas have everything food-wise that you could want. I loved Bryce Canyon - it was my favorite place on the trip - and Spouse felt the same way about Zion. Take lots of water with you, though. Even though it was September when we went it was hotter than you know where. Just remember to stay hydrated.