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Vegas girl's night out

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Hi folks,

Looking for suggestions for a nice dinner out in Las Vegas for my friend's 30th birthday. We'd like to stay away from chains if possible, though would appreciate any suggestions esp. if you have a favorite.

No limits on type of food beyond not vegetarian (vegetables are fine, but we need meat too :). Price - moderate ($30ish pp not including drinks). On/near the strip, most likely we'll be taking a cab.

I think that's all the criteria we have... thanks much for your ideas!

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  1. Mon Ami Gabi is owned by Lettuce Entertain You. The prices are right in your price range. I never had a bad meal there. If you can get a table towards the front of the restaurant, you can watch the fountain show at the Bellagio which is right accros the street. http://www.monamigabi.com/vegas A lot of the restaurants on the Strip can get expensive. A nice alternative is a nice lunch at one of the high end restaurants as the menus at lunch are lower.

    1. $30 on the Strip ( anything off strip is at least a $10 cab ride ) is very difficult, especially removing the Chains ( like Grand Lux at Venetian/Palazzo )

      How about some good 'ol burgers/fries/shakes at BLT Burger or Burger Bar ?

      Are you up for some asian food ? There are numerous places on Spring Mtn, thai, japanese vietnamese, chinese, korean, that are worth a try - China Mama, Ichiza, Yun Nan Garden Dong TIng Spring, etc come to mind.

      Should be able to keep it under $30 at Pasta Mia, Ferraro's or Nora's for Italian ( all on Flamingo - within a few miles of each other )

      French - Josette's Bistro - again on Flamingo - share an app and i think you're under $30/person ( close ) if Josette is there - she's a character - food is decent. Across from Josette's - the Fat Greek - a little on the casual side but the food is good.

      Happy Eating

      1. Sandra: Some of the major hotels on the Strip (Mandalay Bay, MGM and the Wynn/Encore) are offering prix fixe menus that you might want to check out but their probably outside your budget. However, the Mirage's fine dining restaurants; Stacks, Fin, Kokomo's and Onda have $29.99 prix fixe menus. I just returned from Vegas, but I wasn't able to try them myself.


        1. Although it is a chain, I would recommend Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at Fashion Show Mall. You can sit outside and enjoy the Strip. The food is wonderful and staff is attentive. I had a meal there for about $32 which included 2 passionfruit sangrias, 2 bite sized tapas, wonderful bread, the special paella of the day and a coconut cake that was just enough after all that. Because tapas and desserts are smaller, you can easily try a variety. And when I go out with my girlfriends', we enjoy getting dessert but usually they are too large.

          Other posts also recommended Firefly on Paradise, but I personally haven't been there.

          Have a great time.

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            This was my first thought, too. There are many semi-private nooks in the restaurant, too. If your party is big enough, I'd make a reservation and ask about the seating possibilities.

          2. Thanks all for the suggestions so far! I appreciate your time and will be sure to update with what we choose and a review when we return!

            1. I would second Mon Ami Gabi. I had a birthday dinner there and had a really lovely evening. It should be around $30 pp, maybe a bit more. I've eaten there tons and have never had a bad meal. As Eric said, the view is great if you want to eat outside or in the atrium.

              1. Wednesday is Ladie's Night at Rosemary's where all food is half-price for the fairer sex. The savings would easily offset the cab fare. Food and service are always fabulous.