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Jun 21, 2009 03:29 PM

Vegas girl's night out

Hi folks,

Looking for suggestions for a nice dinner out in Las Vegas for my friend's 30th birthday. We'd like to stay away from chains if possible, though would appreciate any suggestions esp. if you have a favorite.

No limits on type of food beyond not vegetarian (vegetables are fine, but we need meat too :). Price - moderate ($30ish pp not including drinks). On/near the strip, most likely we'll be taking a cab.

I think that's all the criteria we have... thanks much for your ideas!

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  1. Mon Ami Gabi is owned by Lettuce Entertain You. The prices are right in your price range. I never had a bad meal there. If you can get a table towards the front of the restaurant, you can watch the fountain show at the Bellagio which is right accros the street. A lot of the restaurants on the Strip can get expensive. A nice alternative is a nice lunch at one of the high end restaurants as the menus at lunch are lower.

    1. $30 on the Strip ( anything off strip is at least a $10 cab ride ) is very difficult, especially removing the Chains ( like Grand Lux at Venetian/Palazzo )

      How about some good 'ol burgers/fries/shakes at BLT Burger or Burger Bar ?

      Are you up for some asian food ? There are numerous places on Spring Mtn, thai, japanese vietnamese, chinese, korean, that are worth a try - China Mama, Ichiza, Yun Nan Garden Dong TIng Spring, etc come to mind.

      Should be able to keep it under $30 at Pasta Mia, Ferraro's or Nora's for Italian ( all on Flamingo - within a few miles of each other )

      French - Josette's Bistro - again on Flamingo - share an app and i think you're under $30/person ( close ) if Josette is there - she's a character - food is decent. Across from Josette's - the Fat Greek - a little on the casual side but the food is good.

      Happy Eating

      1. Sandra: Some of the major hotels on the Strip (Mandalay Bay, MGM and the Wynn/Encore) are offering prix fixe menus that you might want to check out but their probably outside your budget. However, the Mirage's fine dining restaurants; Stacks, Fin, Kokomo's and Onda have $29.99 prix fixe menus. I just returned from Vegas, but I wasn't able to try them myself.

        1. Although it is a chain, I would recommend Cafe Ba Ba Reeba at Fashion Show Mall. You can sit outside and enjoy the Strip. The food is wonderful and staff is attentive. I had a meal there for about $32 which included 2 passionfruit sangrias, 2 bite sized tapas, wonderful bread, the special paella of the day and a coconut cake that was just enough after all that. Because tapas and desserts are smaller, you can easily try a variety. And when I go out with my girlfriends', we enjoy getting dessert but usually they are too large.

          Other posts also recommended Firefly on Paradise, but I personally haven't been there.

          Have a great time.

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            This was my first thought, too. There are many semi-private nooks in the restaurant, too. If your party is big enough, I'd make a reservation and ask about the seating possibilities.

          2. Thanks all for the suggestions so far! I appreciate your time and will be sure to update with what we choose and a review when we return!