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Jun 21, 2009 03:28 PM

Chowhound worthy places that are baby friendly in Seattle?

I have visitors coming to visit me in Seattle, which includes my 1 year old niece. She's not a particularly noisy baby, but she does squeal and squirm sometimes. I really want to show them some of the yummiest places in town -- some more casual, some nicer. They will be here for 4 days.

Some places I've thought of taking them that would work are Matt's in the Market. Tamarind Tree, and Caffe Lago. Any recommendations for places that would be good?

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  1. We sometimes go early to the Palace Kitchen on a slow night (Sunday - Wednesdays) with our baby. We've been to the Elysian Fields many times with her as well. Common theme: they are large and noisy places where we can find a large and quiet booth.

    I hope you're used to changing diapers on the floor; good restaurants in Seattle seem to be allergic to changing tables. No idea why.

    (Props to the Front Street Ale House in Friday Harbor WA for surprising us with changing tables in both the Men's and Women's rooms!)

    1. caffe lago's a good bet. how about tutta bella? i think their pizza's excellent (neapolitan style) or maybe sea garden for chinese. i think terrier's right: size and ambient noise of a restaurant ameliorate the general effects of one unpredictable baby. we have twin boys (now 4 and a half) and we were too self conscious about that stuff to go out much the first two years. but on reflection i don't think most places/patrons mind so much. i know i never mind other people's kids. it's only truly tiny, quiet or stuffed-shirt places that would mind. and there's lots of places to get great food that aren't any of those.

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        Tamarind Tree is excellent with kids, as are most places in the ID. Monsoon has been accomodating in the past for us.

        I agree that except for the truly upscale like Crush, Union, etc, most places will be acceptable if you are there a bit before the 7:30 slam. The trick will be the high chair, so call ahead or ask if your visitors are brininging a portable. The other key thing is not to push the baby beyond her limits. If she is usually in bed before 8, you don't want to have her at Cafe Campagne at 9. Melt down will ensue!

        Also, the Chow chain is great for families to fill in Hi-Life is our current favorite. And don't forget outdoor places, they are easier to accomodate a bit of noise.