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Jun 21, 2009 02:59 PM

Good Nachos: Where?

Have spent a fair amount of time in Albuquerque, where it takes effort to get through a day of restaurant meals without eating some combo of chips, guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream & jalapeno (fresh and/or pickled). Result: I'm addicted to these things & a simple plate of nachos is the ideal way to mainline them.

The best I've had around here lately have been at Redbones (nice surprise!). Cambridge Common and Qdobo tie for the worst; the former used bell peppers (why?) and the latter, liquid cheese, a sprinkle of cold cheddar and drenchingly wet pinto beans. Cantina Mexicana fell in the middle (lots of cilantro, but zero fresh tomato).

Any other hapless addicts have good tips?

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  1. Get the half portion at Sunset Tap and Grille. Every nacho is loaded. The full size is just too spread out.

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      I had amazingly good nachos at Centre St Cafe in JP a while ago - they were fantastic.

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        I'd have to agree with Sunset. My personal favorite is ordering it with the pulled pork. And they do not skimp on cheese (one of my pet peeves with bad nachos).

      2. Second Sunset. Also, 1/2 order from Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. Those are the best nachos in the city.

        For "different" nachos, Fat Cat in Quincy has amazing Lobster and Crab nachos. for $8 or $10, I forget which, but super cheap!

        Other places worth mentioning: Cactus Club, Pour House, The Fours (buffalo chicken nachos),

        I've heard they have amazing nachos at the 21st Amendment in Beacon Hill but I have yet to try them:(

        Check out this thread, as well:

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          I second Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, the nachos are one of the best appetizers they serve. A place to avoid: Brighton Beer Works, off Market st. in Brighton Center. Our party waited an hour and a half once for these and they were BY FAR the worst nachos I have ever had: little to no cheese, a pile of about 15 tortilla chips, huge chunks of onion, drippy tasteless salsa and about 2 olives.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone & for the link, too, S'ASR.

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            Good nachos for a chain, and fairly good guacamole can be had at On the Border.

          2. The fours, near the garden. Buffalo chicken nachos. The best i have ever had.

            1. Not awe-inspiring, but much improved from the time I reviewed the place for The Dig a while back: the nachos at J.J. Foley's Cafe in the South End. They used to be not-good, but I think it was someone here (or maybe on Yelp) who said they loved them, so I gave them another shot, and they are a nice plate for $8 or so, loaded with decent beef chili. Bar nachos, I guess you'd call them.

              Don Ricardo's has them on their menu; I've never been able to bring myself to order them there, but I imagine they'd be good.