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Jun 21, 2009 02:44 PM

Help: Seattle, Orcas Island, Victoria, Port Angeles...

Hi! I'm a Boston-hound here extremely excited for my first visit to the Pacific Northwest. We have a wedding in Seattle, so only time for 1 dinner. As this will be our last meal, we probably will want something relaxed. Is there one place in Seattle we really need to try - completely open minded about food?

We also have two nights in the Orcas Islands, 1 night in Victoria and 2 nights in Port Angeles area.

We're looking for suggestions for breakfast / lunch / dinner - high - end, low end and in between. Romantic or just down home - we're open minded and just love good food!

Any suggestions (or links to relevant threads are great!)


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  1. On Orcas Island:

    -Kristina's for dinner (make reservation)
    -can't remember the name of the place, but there's a french-ish cafe in the eastsound outdoor shopping complex that's great.
    -had a good supper at the ultra bohemian and vegetarian restaurant at doe bay resort. sit ouside next to the bay and enjoy wine and mussels.

    1. Rose's on Orcas is fantastic for all meals. That sounds like the place the other poster is thinking of. I wish I had someplace like it in my neighborhood. Inn at Ship Bay is good, too.

      1. For your day in Victoria, here are a couple threads to help you narrow down your options:

        Have fun!

        1. If you make it over to San Juan island for dinner one night on the intra-island ferry, I can't speak highly enough of the Duck Soup Inn. Pretty terrific place, that.