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Jun 21, 2009 02:21 PM

Berkshire Harvest

Formerly Bennigan's---
It seems to be open now. Has anyone tried it yet? If so, a report would be very welcome. TIA, hopefully.

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  1. If it is under the same management as Bennigan's, then I am scared. I found the atmosphere and cleanliness of Bennigan's sorely lacking. I hope they have turned it around. The overall concept seems like it could work.

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      1. re: jessheslin

        Where Bennigan's (not the Mall one) was, on Route 7 in Lenox at the Aspinwell Shopping Center. Where Chocolate Springs is (if you know the Berkshires I assume you know Chocolate Springs!).

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      1. Dined at Berkshire Harvest Restaurant Friday, June 26. Took one for the team, as it were. Cannot recommend it.

        Food was not.. worth it, frankly. Salads that had been pre-prepped in dishes and stashed in a cooler (if the dish is that cold, the tomatoes impossible to cut ((LOCAL??)), had to send back an app of bay scallops that were not only underdone but also tasted remarkably like metal (butter? where?), friend had a lobster and macaroni and cheese (hey, to each their own) dish with obviously canned lobster bits that were dry and stringy (she bit into several large shards of shell) and the Local Grass Fed Beef special I ordered? I could do better in flavor, tenderness, correct serving temp, etc... (sans the strange gloopy sugar sauce, which did at least come on the side) at Price Chopper or Stop & Shop... for about 1/3 the price. Maybe not the same pedigree (?) but edible. A minimum 1/3 of this 8 oz. portion was gristle and not at all beefy or tasty.

        The intention may well be good (or at least very very well on trend for the market)
        but the execution service and food... not really so much. If one is out and about in the Berkshires, get thee to a better place. Every restaurant has new days to get through before a balance is found, but it seems that this place, under same management as Bennigan's, has not learned to differentiate themselves, only change the marketing approach with no follow through.

        The house-made sherry vinaigrette was tasty... but if the salad dressing on the side from an $*86 tab is the best compliment on offer?


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        1. re: redheadedstepchild

          Thank you for "taking one for the team". Although the "menu" has changed, it sounds eerily like the same quality that Bennigan's had. Too bad really.

          1. re: Lenox637

            Add my thanks to the redhead for the noble effort. Not a surprise, but still a disappointment. The more it changes, the more it stays the same....

            1. re: BerkshireTsarina

              I'm glad someone stepped up and tried this place. I had little to no expectations. fewer still after a friend told me what the truck form Springfield Foods delivered there Friday.
              Nothing on the menu seems to be local at all - and the poultry and meats are not even high quality (hormone, antibiotic free).
              If they were doing what they are advertising they do they would at least use a meat purveyor like Mazzeos to fullfill that part.
              Same old same old.

              1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                It really is a shame. It is such a great location to have a family style restaurant. There are so few places in central Berkshire to take the family out, that aren't chain establishments.

                1. re: Lenox637

                  Add me to the disappointed; we were going to try BH soon. Will skip it now. Thank you, Redhead! Guess my Pittsfield dining on the semi-cheap hopes will have to hang on the new incarnation of the Dragon.

        2. Boy, I hate to say "avoid this place" but I just have to, so here goes..... Went last Friday night, same management, same interior, same level of "dingy dirty" that Bennigan's had. I see no renovations that change it from the Bennigan's feel. First the good: I noticed a chalkboard above our table which listed the local ingredients they have on hand (nice touch) and they did have about 8 taps all of local-ish beers.They also did offer some local wines, but they could have sourced better, like say instead of Robert Mondavi from Napa CA, have Millbrook NY wine instead..... Now for the rest of the story; ordered small green "local" salad, which was frozen and the greens were decaying and brown, the cucumber slices were translucent. I decided to do an experiment and not eat it, push it to the side and leave the salad as is on the table and see if the server noticed. NOPE, she just grabbed it away without a word when our dinners arrived. My dinner was the appetizer portion of local bay scallops $12 bucks,which were completely inedible and rubbery, and to call it a small portion for that amount of money is an understatement. My husband had the "local grass fed" burger which he ordered medium and it arrived char broiled way well over done. He also ordered it with fried onions on top but got fried onions and sauteed onions, which we thought was way too much. Didn't order dessert so can't comment on that. Our tab came to $75 which was a shame. I hate to say "don't do it" because I LOVE the idea of a great "local" restaurant, but these guys have it all wrong.

          1. Unfortunately, I must agree with the others here. Went for lunch. Got an open-face type steak sandwich. Asked for medium-rare. Steak was so overcooked as to be inedible. Was on top of a piece of toast? (I think) that had been incinerated to the point of being completely black and rock hard. Sent it back (which I NEVER do), it came back at least edible but not something I would ever order again.

            Companion got a club sandwich, there was nothing wrong with it but I've had better at Friendly's. The fries were soggy.

            About the only think going for this place seemed to be a decent beer list, (and friendly service) but will probably not be going back which is too bad as it is a convenient location.

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            1. re: nfnebwiri

              I must add my disappointing meal to the others. The salad was merely ok and the add-on mahi mahi was overcooked and dry. My husband's turkey, while fresh, was so overcooked that it was tough. Too bad an enterprise like this did not have a good chef come on board to steer it in the proper direction.

              1. re: hopegoode

                How disheartening! I swear it seems like a restaurant has to go out of its way to serve such bad food but maybe I'm the eternal optimist.
                I think hopegoode hit it on the head. All you really need is a good chef in the kitchen to make it fly. Managers and owners don't seem to get this!

                1. re: cowgirlinthesand

                  This is really too bad to hear! Finally a restaurant in Lenox pushing for all of the right (and necessary!) things and can't even get it right?